Monday, February 20, 2012

Practicing Gratitude... 2.20.12

- Such great people running our elementary school. Just really kind people.

- My husband's email response to me... always giving me grace

- Offering gratitude when I don't feel like it (this week specifically - when things don't go the way I want them to for one of my children)

- Stack of Christmas cards from friends - represents people and families we love so much

- Offers to help

- My comfy (and pretty) desk chair

- Hud playing dominoes with Papa

- What we're all trying to learn

- Celebrating Daboo's birthday with Luke & Julie and family


- That YOU, Father, will carry the burdens of my loved ones

- Dinner and games with my Mom's group - what sweet friends

- The way she dresses herself (here for Valentines Day)

- Feeling stretched with home and dogs... practicing patience... that the goal is not a completed/ furnished/ decorated house, but joy and gratitude and contentment in the midst

- Letting Essie sleep in a little on a school morning

- Leigh Anne Tuohy and how hard she made us laugh and think

- That he gets to play with this team

- And that he's got these precious people cheering him on

- Basden's first haiku, inspired by watching wind boarders on frozen Eagle Nest Lake with her cousins (Granny would be so proud):
Freezing, crunchy ice
Happy girls swirling on top
cold fish swim below

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Bran!

B - Seriously, 12?!
Goodness. I always find myself at an impass on your birthdays. On one hand, I'm surprised at how these years are flying - a reminder that hearts created for eternity are not intended to comprehend the passing of finite time. But on the other hand, I feel like you've been twelve for awhile now. Like, a couple of years. It's that old soul of yours.

Regardless, happy, happy birthday to my sweet boy. 
I love you deeper with each year.
Happy 12th!

This photo was taken last June at 5th grade graduation- I was still taller than you. Somehow in the last seven months you've soared a handful of inches!
Last May - you were already taller than Mama - ha!
I love your love for people. Your face lights up when you see someone unexpectedly in public. You instinctively call out to adults and children by name and look them in the eye when talking with them. You are always up for a party, for having people in our home or going out to be with friends. I love your love and enjoyment of people.

I'm scared that I just let you get an Instagram account (about a year or two after all your friends, at that.)
But I love the depth of conversation it opens between us. And the patience you've demonstrated in waiting.

Your one-track-mind drives me NUTS, because you can't / don't let things go.
And yet that one-track-mind keeps you focused on specific goals. And even more, it's a sweet reminder that you have Cappy and Uncle Trey's genes.

I miss you while you're at school eight hours a day. But I'm glad for your teachers, your friends, these opportunities. Just this morning as I watched you walk across the street to school, I saw your daddy in you. I saw his features in yours, saw his expression in your smile as you chatted with a boy at the stop walk, and saw his grin and enthusiasm in your face as you greeted a few friends and adults heading into the building. I see him in you more and more as you get older - even the manner in which people respond to you is similar to how they would respond to Dad. Thrills my heart.

Just as I say aloud in my prayers with you every night, I'm so glad I get to be your mom. You are just amazing, and I recognize that it's a privilege that I get to grow up with you. I love you with my whole heart, Bran. Happy 12th to you!

Your cheering section...

Was it really worth getting up this early??
Agh! I think this fish ate more breakfast that I did!

And while pictures say a thousand words... this video says about a million as to your personality (and your brother's!)  Love you!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A force to be reckoned with. With another one of those open-mouth/astonished expressions that she's into these days
Now, I can honestly say that I never anticipated this phone call.
Checking a few emails before the end-of-day-run to get carpool, my cell phone rang. Esther's kindergarten teacher.

"Hey Mrs. Plotner, everything ok with Essie?"
As every mom knows, 2:30 phone calls from the teacher are not the norm.
"Yes, Esther is just fine. I just have to tell you, I have asked her over and over to quit growling at these little kids, and she just keeps on."
"Oh my goodness - she's been doing that all week!"
"I know. It hasn't been a problem until today. But since it's Kindgerten Roundup, we have all these little  4-year-olds and their parents walking through our classroom, and she's scaring them to death! She's got this big 'ol scowl on her face, growling at them."

Mrs. Plotner could barely get her words out between giggles.
I, too, was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. In and out in our short conversation, I could hear Esther next to the phone with her low, guttural growls.
Just the night before, as Hudson and I were going over his vocab words in my bedroom, Esther came in for "one more hug." As she left, I called out that I loved her, and from the darkened hallway, Hud and I heard Grizzly Adams respond, "I love you too."
Hud and I looked at each other and cracked up.

So on to this crazy phone call, I simply told Mrs. Plotner that I was indeed sorry, but that if she'd have called me six years earlier with my oldest, I would have been mortified. A heap on the floor. But for some reason, I can barely type these words without giggling. Funny how time (and experience) changes our responses.

And for those of you who know me best - feel free to reel me in if you see my sense of humor trumping my parental authority to the point where my little #4 is out of control. Because the way I see it, Essie is simply our future Baylor Bear in training. And bringing much joy along the way.

Practicing Gratitude... 2.01.12

-Yet another family portrait... a priceless one at that

-This legacy that Papa's building... love, love, love and WHIPPED CREAM

- Star Blazers, a new bond for Hud & Daddy

- Pretty eyes, pretty hearts

- That your presence, Lord, in the present is an endless source of joy, a continual feast. The soul-satisfaction I find in you helps me relate to other people. As I enjoy your abiding presence, I can bless others with my gentleness."  Adapted from Treasury of Praise. Thankful, thankful for His abiding presence.

- A particular nursing home spy

- To get to have this one to be in our home, along with his brothers...

- That these notes appear in multitudes, and I can't get enough of them

- Mornings when Corbin drives kids to both schools... his generosity is not normal

- Celebrating Todd's 40 years- foundational friends in our lives - grateful for so many great years of friendship with the Brogdons

- That Basden gets Daboo for her science teacher (and that our school makes this an option)

- Matthew 13, when rocky ground becomes fertile

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12