Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A force to be reckoned with. With another one of those open-mouth/astonished expressions that she's into these days
Now, I can honestly say that I never anticipated this phone call.
Checking a few emails before the end-of-day-run to get carpool, my cell phone rang. Esther's kindergarten teacher.

"Hey Mrs. Plotner, everything ok with Essie?"
As every mom knows, 2:30 phone calls from the teacher are not the norm.
"Yes, Esther is just fine. I just have to tell you, I have asked her over and over to quit growling at these little kids, and she just keeps on."
"Oh my goodness - she's been doing that all week!"
"I know. It hasn't been a problem until today. But since it's Kindgerten Roundup, we have all these little  4-year-olds and their parents walking through our classroom, and she's scaring them to death! She's got this big 'ol scowl on her face, growling at them."

Mrs. Plotner could barely get her words out between giggles.
I, too, was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. In and out in our short conversation, I could hear Esther next to the phone with her low, guttural growls.
Just the night before, as Hudson and I were going over his vocab words in my bedroom, Esther came in for "one more hug." As she left, I called out that I loved her, and from the darkened hallway, Hud and I heard Grizzly Adams respond, "I love you too."
Hud and I looked at each other and cracked up.

So on to this crazy phone call, I simply told Mrs. Plotner that I was indeed sorry, but that if she'd have called me six years earlier with my oldest, I would have been mortified. A heap on the floor. But for some reason, I can barely type these words without giggling. Funny how time (and experience) changes our responses.

And for those of you who know me best - feel free to reel me in if you see my sense of humor trumping my parental authority to the point where my little #4 is out of control. Because the way I see it, Essie is simply our future Baylor Bear in training. And bringing much joy along the way.


Sarah said...

Kinda like when I laugh when I tell N no and he crosses his arms and says, "bad mommy."

Krista Sanders said...

But her growls are so sweet.......

Stephanie Plotner said...
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Stephanie Plotner said...

So, I was looking through your amazing blog and came across this one! I will never forget making that phone call to you, and hard it was to keep from giggling as your Esther, and mine at least for the past 158 days, growled in the background. I cannot express to you how much I will miss her precious face, or any of their precious faces next year. I do know that, Esther will ALWAYS be such a special part of my heart!