Monday, October 13, 2008

What I'm Learning This Week...

- Never underestimate a pink-plastic-high-heel-wearing two-year-old with an enormous planter of dirt

- Rhinestone necklaces and high heels and taking a break to teach ballet are critical elements for a family bike ride

- No such thing as enough photos of my girls with Cappy

- Long-lasting friendships really are golden (happy birthday, Paulette!)

- I'm finding contentment in watching Branson (top right-blonde) bloom where he's planted...

- Hudson is slow and steady and meticulous with just about everything he works at...

- Purdy brightens any room, any situation (we've known this for awhile)

- Always expect the unexpected with Uncle Trey's surprises

- I always, always want to be known as Bill's daughter and Trey's little sister (and Corbin's wife and Hudson's mom...)