Thursday, June 26, 2008


A few mornings ago I noticed Branson writing some sort of note.
We were headed out the door, and he dawdled with his pen and paper while I ushered the other kids to the car.
I was quite curious as to what he was working on, but decided not to ask any questions. I assumed it was lyrics to another song, as he tends to leave behind a trail of papers scribbled with with rhyming lyrics of his newest tune.
But the mystery note appeared a few hours later. Opening the fridge at lunchtime, here's what I found:

A couple of years ago Corbin left me a thoughtful note taped to the inside of our refrigerator wall, thanking me for taking care of him and our family. At the bottom Corbin wrote, "You are a treasure."
Bran's note, written two years later, and taped right next to Corbin's, says,
"Mom - I love you. You are my awesome prize."

Ummm, made my day - my week - perhaps my month.
Grateful for a husband who models well. And for an 8-year-old boy who soaks it up!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a week

"Hey Hudson, would you like to come back here next summer for camp, without mommy and daddy?"
"I AM coming here next year, Mom. I NEED to be a camper."

Well, we're home.
We went into our week at Kanakuk family camp with high expectations, and no surprise, they were far surpassed.

Bottom line, we fully enjoyed the week. Lots of laughing and adventure and activity and camp traditions. And did I mention a one-room family cabin? Yikes. Essie was the last to bed and first to rise every day. But truthfully, we were surprised at how smoothly it went to be all in one room, and as my friend Emily pointed out, it's a wonderful feeling to snuggle into bed hearing the sleeping sounds of our children right there in the same room with us.
So what made family camp a successful family vacation for us?
Counselors. Amazing college students from all over the country loving on our family and on our kids.
Meals. Served family-style at round tables, and we dined each meal with old friends and new ones.
Speaker. Shawn Stoever from Winshape Ministries, speaking on building successful families in our crazy culture. Funny and self-deprecating and down-to-earth and insightful.
Amenities. This is NOT K-2. Air conditioning and a coffee shop and cokes. Wow.
Kanakuk t-shirts and hats. Our boys haven't taken theirs off yet.

One of the pools with a lazy river & water slides - where to find the Wilson boys.

Basden & Essie with some of their favorite new friends.

Go Hudson!

Pie-eating contest - no spoons!

Cajun party was one of our favorite nights. I discovered 3 very clean crawfish claws in the washer yesterday while doing laundry.

Playing behind the waterfall.

Absolutely loved our time with the Levys. Boys were and continue to be inseparable.

Esther as we pulled out of camp the final day.

I can't believe it's already come and gone, but perhaps we can look forward to next year. If Hud has his way, at least some of us will be going to Kanakuk!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Branson sat down to e-mail Mama and Papa (Corbin's parents in NM) this evening. I looked back to my sent folder and found his unchecked correspondence, with this last line:
how has your summer been? well I bet you know that we are going KANAKUK:| OK I HOPE THE LORD IS ANSWERING YOUR PRAYRS AND FLOATING WITH YOU AND FOSTER AND NETTY!:) I LOVE YOU!:)

I asked him later what he meant by "floating," and he answered just as I expected. "You know, Mom, that God is there with them and floating all around them."

We leave tomorrow morning for Kanakuk Family Camp. I am beside myself. It's been twelve years since I've been to Kanakuk, and our kids have never been. Probably won't update while we're there, but hope to blog an update or two once we return.

Meanwhile, I pray the Lord is floating with you and yours!