Friday, October 7, 2016

Practicing Gratitude 10.7.16

- Essie to her daddy late at night, “Mom said this was not going to be pretty, but I think it is beautiful.” (Corbin went upstairs to finally make her get in bed and ended up snuggling with her instead)

- Sweet, unexpected phone conversation with SC

- Tanner told me that you learn more by losing than by winning. As a former TCU football player and now a medical student, I'm taking his words to heart. Hud and his teammates learned quite a bit against Martin... but seriously win or lose, I do love watching Hud play.
Got my eyes on #12

Completed pass near the end zone
- Essie ~ ever the organizer and "cheerleader" for her brothers

- The encouragement brought about by Dr. Naderman and Fuzzy's

- Mark Gregston and Heartlight Ministries. I love these people, their availability, and what they offer families

- That Ruby takes up more than half of his queen bed

- Hud's team's showcase and tournament at OU ~ really fun! And a gorgeous fall day for baseball
Hud at center
On the mound - how fun!
Love these FW Cats! Thanks to Brad Fricks for this pic
- That I have a little reader (so far we're one-for-four)

- Sweet Frog on a sunny Sunday with Corbin, Basden and Hud

- BU's win over Iowa State ~ whew!

- After a conversation about high school grades and GPA and AP v Dual Credit classes (a convo where I encouraged Hud to have a well-rounded high school life ~ to set his own goals rather than drink the coolaid of believing he needs perfect grades), I asked Hudson what he wanted to do. I asked him to not answer me right away, but to think about it, and that I'd love to know what he's aiming for. A couple of days later here's what popped up on my phone.

- Now it's Essie's turn at volleyball

The most fun part of games for these girls are the celebrations
- Michael Burr and his commitment to our church, our families, our kids, and our Fort Worth community

- Essie asking us to build a volleyball sports court, because "I'd get to see Jordan again!"

- Corbin making sandwiches for lunches. VERY grateful.

- Sweet Everly's life! Celebrating one year

photo creds Auntie Krista
- Basden's choir director, Mrs. Adair ~ we are so fortunate to have her

- Our little neighborhood Ace Hardware. One of my favorite places to shop. Where else can you buy light bulbs, pick up an adorable birthday gift, and mail a package in under ten minutes ~ all on the way home from school?! And they even mail out coupons.

- He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers his lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; He gently leads those who have young. Is 40:11

- Quiet days at home with kiddos in school. I am so, so grateful. That they're in school, and that I've learned to say no to so many daytime responsibilities

- Basden's day at school Monday ~ kind teachers with kind words. Mrs. Bryan's vision for encouraging her staff and students

- Basden getting the red plate not one night week, but two nights in a row


- Shopping with this girl

- That Essie thinks her big brothers are responsible for making 21 Pilots famous

- What's turned into the after school crew

- Bran's SCS retreat and Drew's song
I actually don't know much about this yet, anxious to hear more from Bran
- October M  ~ these friends love each other well and are FUN
15 years and going strong
- Essie getting to join the "big cheerleaders" at McLean

She sure seems happy here
- Our Bible study, Lori's willingness to lead and host, Priscilla Shirer's elbow work so that we can benefit from her study

- Essie's love for playing school

- Hud’s PHS win last night!  And - what could have been a significant knee injury doesn't seem to be, so thankful

- Getting to see Chase, Connor, Colton, Tanner, John and Billy as they spent the night here last night before Chase's wedding weekend. Miss these boys!

- Cool and rainy Friday morning to sit out on back porch; the relief I feel at the end of a school week, and how thankful I am for some open space on Friday

- That I am completely, absolutely incapable of getting spunky, never-wants-to-go-upstairs-alone Esther to bed at a decent time. I wave the white flag. But I love her anyway.

- How Corbin found Essie last night, sound asleep. Girl nor pup like to be alone.
There's a pattern here

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12