Friday, October 21, 2016

Practicing Gratitude 10.21.16

- Hudson's PHS Homecoming 2016 ~ Freshman year
Hudson and Sadie
Oh my word, what an awesome group of kids
Hud's quick change after Saturday's baseball tourn ~ with a last-min request to help tie bow-ties
Ready or not, here we go!
Pics at Colonial ~ he's still tying bowties
Just a few freshmen boys
John, Elliott, Hudson

Hud, Mitchell, Alex
obligatory somber pic
Matthew and Hud
Not all is serious
Hud and Julia ~ they match! Long-time friends
Nina, another of Hud's long-time friends
All set and ready for dinner
Marty blessing the meal

Hudson and Sadie ~ love this girl and her family
- Meanwhile... Corbin got to take the rest of the family to cheer on the Bears ~ a big win over Kansas! Even more fun cheering alongside the Keisters
Essie, Emma, Basden
Claire and Essie
- A really sweet Sunday morning conversation with Corbin, Alan and Vicki. You never know if you're going to get a couple hours of heart talk, but this time it worked

- Lunch with mom at Local Foods, carving out a little time

- Watching tv with Corbin - on a school night!

- Basden's hair masterpieces
pretty cool
All set for church!
- A Saturday morning that we didn’t have to get up early; Marty coming over for coffee with Corbin, their version of a porch party 

- Student of the month ~ now this is cool! What an honor

- Getting this pic in the middle of the day ~ makes me happy!
Mr. Boerner, Sam, and Essie - senior service day at Tanglewood
- That Brighton didn't want a birthday party without Basden Joy

- 93 on a physics test ~ and how excited he was for it

- Elvia!! (she shows up a lot on these lists...)

- Mama Bear shirt in a gift bag just showing up on the pool house counter... some sweet friend did this for me??!

- Increased awareness of my words (good grief will I ever learn?!)

- These two cuties

- Coffee ~ yes, even black

- What the Tulsa Jameses are going through. Thankful in all things, even with so many emotions connected. That you created Jenna, and Your lamp searches her spirit, it searches out her inmost being ~ both spiritually and physically. Be so, so present with them, Father. 

- In making these gratitude posts, it makes me realize how much I am enjoying this season of parenting. I love these ages of the kids, love that Bran is driving and Hud's about to, love that we have adult conversations with all four kids, but they're all still kids, and we go to sleep most every night with all four tucked in their beds upstairs. I am so, so grateful for this time. Grateful for Corbin, for his provision and hard work, for the stability he brings our family. Grateful for Branson's strong leadership in our family, and what Hudson adds to that and how he stabilizes his big brother in many ways. Basden's leadership as the oldest girl, and Essie's spunk and tender affection she offers. So, so much to be thankful for. Lord ~ I really can't express in words, my heart overflows.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12