Friday, October 21, 2016

Practicing Gratitude 10.14.16

- Chase and Hannah's wedding ~ a true worship event ~ such amazing people all under one roof. A privilege to be a part of these relationships
Loved everything about this wedding. Basden told me to take notes
all together!

So great to have Zack back for an evening
Zack, Preston and Bran
boys with Con-Con!
Coach Manks is just fantastic
As Basden would say, Shauny-Pawny-Lemon-Squawney

Essie holding court
Chase is MARRIED!
What a sweet night with really incredible people ~ so thrilled for Chase and Hannah
- The gift of Connor and Chase living here all last year

- Connor moving back to Fort Worth! Who hoo!

- Happy happy birthday, Jane!
What a sweet group of friends, and I just love Local Foods
 - Epicenter weekend for Basden and our middle school kids ~ our church's version of an in-town mission trip. Just incredibly eye-opening, they absolutely loved it
Harper, Basden, Vada, Caroline ~ pallets all ready for a good night's sleep (!)
Some of the girls stopped by here Saturday evening for showers
Fun to hear tidbits of their stories. And Corbin's well-timed ice cream run was a hit
Getting to share at Sunday'slunch with parents
sweet Harper, and Ryan (with no voice)
Taryn is the best ~ two no-sleep nights with these girls
- God's story of these precious Hamon twins

- Monday kids off of school, getting to go see Greater film

- SCS cheer outfit Walsie brought over for Essie ~ she hasn't taken it off

- Quiet moments at home during the day

- These shirts in our laundry

- That she still loves to do this

She brings me such joy. Love that infectious grin.
- This familiar sight becoming less familiar, Essie on her bike headed home from the park... these kiddos are growing up FAST. Lord, help me to stay in the moment with them and savor every bit, the good and the hard are all precious.

- These two cuties. Have grown up together, and now our lives actually intersect with school. Love these kiddos. 
Basden and Brighton
- The hours he spends here, diligent of his own accord

- These two, home sick on the same day, snuggled in to rest and sleep ALL day
Hud completely hidden, wrapped under those blankets
- So thankful for these boys ~ and for their families
Mitchell, Hud, Elliott
- Christmas in Cowtown with my girls. We didn't get our traditional pic, but so thankful it worked out to get them from school a little early and spend some time shopping together. Necklace for Basden and bows for Essie ~ yay that she still picks bows!

- This moment ~ hilarious and precious!
Daboo, Alison, Mama all cuddled up at the SCS game
- Bran's faithful cheering section
Co-padres and co-madres
- Fifteen years of kid-sized hangars in our home. And that we've about outgrown them. I'm just not sure what to do with that. Watching childhood gently roll past us. So grateful for the years ahead and that all four are technically still children. 

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12