Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Practicing Gratitude 9.28.16

- My darling husband. Seriously, he is gorgeous. And a sweet, sweet daddy.
Thanks, Bets, for the pic!
- My allergies - out of control! (thankful in ALL things...)

- Margin in my week - not full of appts and meetings, so thankful

 - Essie's last Tanglewood open house. Students wrote essays for the parents to read, hers was reminiscing on a girls' beach trip taken two summers ago ~ absolutely precious
Sugar Shack
One day we will miss these hand-colored name signs. Ok, maybe I'm missing them already
- That Essie got her AR points on a very last-minute trip to the school library!! Who hoo!

- Bright eyes

- Prov 23:15 ~ My son, if your heart is wise, then my heart will be glad; my inmost being will rejoice when your lips speak what is right

- Basden and her hair styles. She loves doing this, we never know what to expect when she comes down in the morning.


- A constant reminder, one I need
He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity Prov 21:23
- Lots of things I'm thankful for in this photo. Stephanie and Glen, and their tremendous work in making the concession stand and spirit shirts happen for PHS. Grateful for Stephanie for other reasons too. Wendi C, refreshing to be around. Essie getting to work in the concession stand ~ one of her all time favorite things, with those sweet friends talking through the window. Watching McLean play and all those families ~ a great community.

- Essie's binder. I think she's proud of and happy for her big brother.

- (Another) difficult football loss for Hud's team ~ against big bad Mansfield. So thankful no injuries, practicing gratitude for the loss. Discouraging ~ for team camaraderie even without the wins. 
Win or lose, I love watching you play, #12
Back in the concession stand, Essie AND Stephanie
Hudda with the ball
- SCS winning streak, very fun. That these boys are safe, and thankful for LUKE!


- Corbin's work trip to DC over the weekend. Makes me realize how much we need him!

- More volleyball this weekend ~ last school weekend tournament

Cute hair even for volleyball
- Getting to take kids to another Baylor game. A WIN over OSU, whose fans were, for the record, fantastic. Cheered big for their team, but not obnoxious.

- Daboo gets the real pize here. She joined us since Corbin was out of town. Went to Bran's football game with me Fri night, up early for Basden's volleyball tourn all day Saturday (stayed overnight here without any of her stuff), then to Waco with a car full of kids for the BU game. Walked over a mile in the HUMID HEAT, got to the stadium where high winds swept in and nearly blew us out of our seats, sat through a 90+ minute game delay for lightning, then made the long walk back and finally home at 2 am, where she had to hop in her car and drive to Bourland, just in time to go on a roadtrip Sunday. Whew! I told her this weekend was proof of how incredibly low-maintenance she is. She agreed. And she was a trooper through it all!

Anne outfitted our girls for the "gold out." Cutest fans around!!
Bran and Bobby on the field
More gold cuteness
Essie singing away while doing Meggie's hair... gotta stay occupied with that game delay
What's that... is Meggie with a Sic 'em??!
Not long before she had to support her Frogs

Watching Hud freaking out over the close game made all of our efforts totally worth it
Watching intently
Can't bear to watch...
Sigh of relief... Bears pulled through!
- A date with just Cappy to Basden's vb game - everyone else out of town or scattered to the wind. Loved having him all to myself for an hour or two

- My (very) early birthday present from Krista special ordered ~ Sic Em!

- Something really wrong with poor Ruby ~ not moving, not walking, whimpering

- Hud - ever the nurturer - helped me load her up and take her in to see Dr. Steve. He guessed the problem before Steve diagnosed her with pancreatitis

- And a few days later, Ruby is HOME. Thankful for Steve, his staff, medicine, and the provision to do all of this for Ruby (thank you, Corbin!)

- See You at the Pole this morn. Dana taking Essie for me, a good crowd at Tanglewood, Mr. Redwine helping, Moms in Prayer, and Megan Cushman helping spread the word... at McLean ~ Basden and David, Brad Deal, Ryan Hamon and Robert... thank you Lord for your provision.

- Dana offering to bring Essie home from school yesterday and get PHS carpool - amazing help, it was so appreciated, I felt like I could hardly get out of bed!

- Kindness of friends when I’ve felt so crummy - simply asking how I'm feeling, offering rides for kids. Means so much.

- Wearing eye makeup for the first time in two weeks, because I'm not sneezing it off

- Prov 28:2 - When a country is rebellious, it has many rulers, but a man of understanding and knowledge maintains order - our rebellious country is split with the presidential race, split between police and black men, divided in so many ways. But men who have understanding and knowledge are maintaining order... powerful. It’s possible and profitable to maintain order (or at least infuse some) even in a rebellious country.

- Butch Brogdon's life, his passing with little suffering. A lovely celebration of his life this week. The legacy you've poured through the Brogdons, how dear they are to us.

- This SWEET baby Miles. And his family. So, so dear.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12