Monday, July 25, 2016

Practicing Gratitude - The Perfect Game week 7.25.16

- On the road again... Georgia or bust

 - This made me a little nervous. Games all over the metroplex (I don't think they call it that), including one in PeachTree City that didn't even fit on the map. But - we did it!! 
Mom's trusty pen and paper map - very helpful!

- So fun to be welcomed by a roomful of friends and their friends

Just a little excited to be reunited
Someone found the Wii

- Very first game in the tournament. Our boys were just a tad intimidated by playing the WINNER of the this tournament of 350+ teams last year - East Cobb

When you ask Hud to take pics of the game. I love his eye for great shots.

Bran getting some pitching pointers from Coach Knox

My Baylor roommate... and so much more... love this girl dearly

- Getting to be in Trey and Amy's home, seeing their "flip house," the land they are dreaming about... 
Branson and Brenna
One of the many reasons I adore my sister-in-law
Scarlett and Basden Joy
Hud explaining Pokemon Go to his cousins
Hud and Scarlett. Hud loves it when I take pictures all the time
Basden, Ashlyn, Scarlett, Adeline, Esther - what darling girls, all of them
Aunt Diana and Uncle Charlie made it to a game - this one wasn't far from their Alabama home

 - Oh my gosh. After a couple of nights in our "Perfect-game-appointed-hotel," I decided we needed to move.  I hadn't read the fine print beforehand that we would have two double beds (I expected queens), and upon arrival we couldn't add a cot for fire hazard reasons. They also had no spare linens. They also didn't seem real happy to work with us. So I called Corbin back in Fort Worth and had him get us an extended stay, the only room available in all of North Georgia, and I may possibly not have made the best choice. Our extended stay did not match the advertisement, and we were locked in through All that to say - it added to the richness of our expereince - aghhhhh! And - the primary reason for the move was to be close to the Jameses and Hills, and it totally gave us that. That and maybe lice. 
This is kind of a funny picture now, but it wasn't at the time. I thought Corbin was going to cry. The mattress - another story altogether - just unbelievable
- More cousin time

- Atlanta's best Mexican Seafood
...according to Yelp
No place cozier than waiting out a crazy storm than the Hill's comfy den

Bonfire in the Hills' backyard
These two and their love for TOADS (and their ability to find them)
Bocce ball
"Oh no, there's two of them!" - Branson
Bran and Coach Hynes

- Trey and Amy, all four of their kiddos, and Eric Blisset with his boys, and the Hills... all of them sweating out a HOT game with us - wowzers!

 - One of our many QT stops
Definitely not a QT, but you know what I mean
- Bran getting a taste of Atlanta driving

- Pretty special Sunday morning worship
Bran and Hud woke early to go hear Eric preach on the book of Esther
They were also a little motivated to hear Adeline sing a song she wrote for worship ~ Courage for Comfort
  - "Shooting the Hootch" (aka, tubing the Chattahootchee)


- 10 pm game at the Perfect Game Complex

This game's for night owls
1 am conversation - still going...
- Sushi with Trey and Amy is an experience. They took us to their weekly Kani House dinner where  the waiters know to expect them. Within the hour we were trained in the art of eating "one-bite" sushi by the James kids
Nice, Essie
Who needs a fork? Yum, look at all the fish eggs
Adeline is great with our cousins. Ironically, they have gone to the same school and Adeline plays with them at lunch time

- Bran and Adeline had so much fun at their FIRST Escape Room, they went again later in the week with Cade, Taylor and Hud

- There's a story behind this blanket... we fought the good fight... and WON

- Saying goodbye is never easy, but particularly this time

Until next time...
 Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12