Sunday, December 20, 2015

Practicing Gratitude 12.20.15

- Esther's 4th grade field day ~ in December! Beautiful weather, one of the kids' favorites.

- Getting to spend our year with Connor and Chase in the pool house. A total WIN for our family. They are incredible.

- Basden's 1st gymnastics competition in Plano - pretty exciting to watch all she's learned.

With good firends Molly and GiGi
They all love Coach Patrick
- Running into my dear Baylor friend Kendall Tapp, his wife Jennifer and their three precious girls at Chick Fil A in PLANO after we left Basden's gymnastics comp. Such a fun surprise!
Snagged a pic with Kendall and his girls ~ such a treat to see them!
- Our annual tradition of caroling at our neighborhood nursing home with our dear friends the Schaefers. Always eye opening and always a privilege.

All the guys. Sure are bigger now than when we began this annual outing
Schaefer / Wilson kiddos
Lovely and spirited Mrs. Davenport

One of my fav pics of C - ever. Reminds me of how he used to sit on the floor next to his grandad's recliner. Sweet. 
Connor makes everything just a little more fun
- Trey's birthday this week, celebrating my favorite big brother. Celebrating Dad this week, too ~ lots of Christmastime birthdays.

- Our "quiet" Advent reading last night morphing into a super lively half hour. Connor suggested reading each pages in different accents. Nothing beats belly-aching laughter, especially when it's a room full of my kids taken by it.

Danielle cracked us up with her "growling" accent
Kristin jumped in with both feet, and Bran had us rolling. Pics don't do it justice to how FUNNY the evening was
- Esther super sick the week before Christmas, poor thing. Sweet and brave attitude.

Playmates with all the other kids at school
- Pilar making a house call for Esther. Bless her.

- Getting to know Connor and Chase's family and friends as they visit from out of town ~ such amazing people.

- Corbin taking Basden to the JPS Pediatrics party in my place (again) ~ she loved it.

- Esther getting better in time for the last day of school Christmas party
Her 4th gr teacher, my long-time friend Jessica Patterson
Funny girls

Competitive girls
Cute kiddos!
 - Gingerbread making contest - again, Connor's idea making our Christmas season so fun and festive and outright hilarious. Awards included Most Creative, Most Willing to Lose Life and Limb During Construction, and Most Diligent. Bran and Hud with finals looming, Basden with hours of reading to finish, and Esther feverish and sick. But we pressed on regardless. And LAUGHED hard.

- Celebrating Chauncy's birthday. Danika is quite the hostess, and David Breedlove is quite the chef. A huge gift to have the Franks next door.

- Christmas treats from friends and neighbors. Makes our city seem a lot smaller to find these goodies on our porch.

- Shopping for Christmas meals to share with my brothers and their families ~ it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

- Thank you, Lord, for providing spunk and laughter during this very FULL month. I value that family time so much, yet feel helpless to make it happen with schedules and demands. Despite all of this, YOU are creating opportunities for family time in the most unexpected ways. Thank you, thank you. Despite my feelings of fatigue and helplessness, I feel your peace and your covering this Advent season. You are so generous.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12