Saturday, September 5, 2015

Practicing Gratitude 9. 5. 15

- Family dinner. With our new family.
Our home is way more fun with Connor and Chase. Our first meal together ~ and actually the first day we met them!
 - Back to school parties.

- Hudson and Basden doing their own school supply shopping at Staples. They took their lists and off they went... didn't need supervision from me. Awesome!

- Soaking up last days of summer.

 - Saturday mornings. Sometimes.

 - Football season!

- First day of school. Ready or not, here we come!

- Essie - 4th grade.
Last one at Tanglewood.
With her teacher, Mrs. Patterson ~ my friend of more than 20 years
- Hud (8th gr) and Basden (6th gr) ~  and John - we'll claim him!
Our mid-morning carpool
- Bran - 10th grade. Didn't get our traditional front porch pic - this will have to do.
Real time in chemistry.
- And... first night's math homework... here we go

- First scrimmage - a win!
Met halfway in Bowie, Tx to face an Oklahoma team - a mere hour and half from Fort Worth

- Taylor and Tatum at TCU!
From Wimberly to Fort Worth... precious girls
- These two.

- Meet the Panthers. Have been doing this for years, since our boys played PeeWee football. Introducing PHS band, cross country, volleyball and football players.

A mostly all-new Paschal football coaching staff. Pretty exciting changes in the air.

- Bran’s text ~ “Can you buy me seaweed?”

- Quiet porch time in the mornings.

- Enjoying Chase and Connor living here. Add such energy and laughter to our home.

- Her favorite.
Bourland frogs are fun!
- Mama’s AMAZING pancreas cyst report- no surgery, no more scans for a year. Best news ever.

- Date with Mama ~ girls' night!

- Paschal's first game ~ Bran's first Varsity game.  #27
He easily admits it ~ more than a little scared to play varsity linebacker

Sideline instruction... Coach Hardin utilizes every moment for coaching
Go #27!
One for the W column - 72-42 v. South Hills

- Hud running for Student Body President
Hud and his fabulous campaign manager
Great friends, great candidates!
Proud Momma. Courageous boy.
- Essie and how much she loves these pups

- That all my pictures uploaded from my phone to my laptop! Haven't in about two months!

- Mitchell staying with us this week. Cammie’s dad’s funeral at the Cowboy Church in Granbury - loved the hymns most of all. Lunch at Babe’s after ~ what sweet friends.

- Elvia!

- Playing school.
Because they don't get enough all day long.
- Jonathan Jackson’s service last week, just beautiful. Seeing the support and love surround Cathy and John and Abby. Our neighborhood candlelight prayer time in their front yard Sunday evening, Absolutely precious. Such a dear family to us.

- Velvet Taco with Victoria. Have missed her so much!

- Dinner (and pinball!) with the Phelps ~ such a neat family, Corbin is so happy to work with David.

- Still soaking up summer... whether it's summer or not.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12