Sunday, April 26, 2015

Practicing Gratitude 4.26.15

- "Young Life leaders believe that every kid, in every home, deserves to have someone who's crazy about them." - John Trent, speaking at our Fort Worth Young Life luncheon this week. 

- 3rd grade Mom/child Tanglewood kickball party

- While Hud made his lunch, he made Bran's too.

- Struggles in our home, and that you’re growing ALL of us through them.

 - Bran getting to participate in a couple of Paschal track meets

Bran and Coach Cook
 - When baseball tournaments are rained out, at least we get to watch some seven-on-seven

- PHS dodgeball tournament (so fun for kids, crazy for mom!)
5th gr girls - "The Patriots"

- Hud's team won their division, but had to play 3rd gr boys for the championship. After a very unfair championship game v. 3rd gr boys (!), they handed over the first place medals to the younger boys.
7th gr boys - "Skies out, thighs out." Nice.

Didn't get a pic of Bran's 9th gr guys team, but he got to play with a few other as well

Essie and Meggie - finding fun even not on a team (thanks, Jim!)
- Bad news - nearly all of Hud's baseball tournaments have been rained out. Good news - his team batting 1000 as 1st place tournament champs.
Fort Worth Cats

- Lots of Bran's games have been rained out this season as well, he just has a lot more to play

Coach Hollrah - Branson loves playing for him
- View from our driveway. Love these boys!

- SO grateful for Nurse Skinner
Essie during one of her daily visits
 - Boys know how to fully utilize Papa's time here in Fort Worth!

- Hud: "Loudest two hours of my life"
Duck Dynasty's TX Motor Speedway race
 - Twins!

- Time with Lucy
Again, twins! (there's a theme here...)
 - CCBC high school paint wars.
They use real paint. Yikes.
- Sweet friends and next-door-neighbors.

- Clint Gresham from the Seattle Seahawks coming to speak at Wyldlife

- This FUNNY attempted get-away by our dogs!

 - TCU FCA dinner
Photo creds - thx Jeff!

- Torchy's dinner date with Bran and Hud. 

- For all of the zillion dentist, orthodontist, dermatologist, mammogram, veterinarian appointments... that I have the time to take everyone, that we have great insurance, and of best of all fantastic doctors.

- Getting to live these days with my girls, who are still young, who still like to play school and read and are happy to spend time with me. I'm enjoying these teen years for the boys, but I am so grateful for the age and innocence of these sweet girls. 

- Cute boy

 - Squeezing in as much fishing every chance he gets

- More volleyball fun

 - Taking time to come out for a game
Brighton and Branson
- Branson driving us (safely) around town.

- Getting to pitch a little

- A rainy Friday morning at home (even if it means more rained out baseball games)

- This sweet group of friends - Paschal Praying Moms

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12