Monday, February 16, 2015

Practicing Gratitude 2.16.15

- Bubble baths at Daboo's

- Happy 15th to you, Bran. So grateful we get to be your parents. All the time.

- Branson's 15th birthday dinner ~ loved celebrating with special friends and family.
All four grandparents ~ indescribable gift
NickMo, Mitchell, Bran and Coach Manks
Coulter, Hud, Marc, John and B
So grateful for this crew
Sweet sisters
And oh my gosh - the neighborhood-community-effort-strawberry cake... doesn't look like much, but it was amazing (no laughing, KDS!) Actually, you can laugh. But it tasted fantastic. 
- Valentine baking with Daboo - these cookies sent with lots of love to Tulsa, Bozeman and Alpharetta

- Essie's planet project. The Lord's provision - truly - of creativity, time and efficiency in getting it finished. We were quite interrupted with the Doritos commercials and crafted "Uranus" at the 11th hour. And her project - not only finished on time - but super cute!

- Mama's health concern requiring a CTscan, endoscopic ultrasound, multiple appointments and procedures. She was given this bracelet by a hospital employee in the process.

- How did she know I needed a scone??

- B's first high school baseball scrimmage.
Look who's here - must be baseball season
- Sunny afternoon at the park ~ highlight of my Sunday.

- "Wilsons restaurant"
Thankful that this still happens, that they haven't outgrown make-believe
One guess as to who wrote out the menu...
 - Heart and soul. They've got mine.

- Bran's small group. Can we say thankful?!

- Another scrimmage - grateful that Bran's having fun.

- Michael and Kathy Burr - son and mother - God's grace poured out to our church body (and others) through their lives and story.

Goodness, we are so fortunate to have her teaching our kiddos
- Miranda, Harmony and Ryan at 5th grade lunch
We love FishStix
- Corbin's going-away reception at Kent & Co
Thank you, Kim, for planning such a great evening!
 - Rooneys keeping the girls for us as we left town - made the transition much easier (for Essie especially) knowing they'd get to be with sweet friends
 - Valentines weekend at a Laity Lodge couples retreat
Pretty amazing that the route to Laity Lodge involves driving through a river
Gorgeous place, property, people
- Groceries purchased while we were out of town
And I know the culprit

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12