Friday, February 27, 2015

Branson ~ "Where I'm From"

The following is an essay Branson wrote for a school assignment last year. I love this assignment, and I'll be posting Hudson's "Where I'm From" next week. Bran chose the photos and printed them alongside his words. I love it and consider him to have a natural writing flair straight from Granny. A tad reminiscent of her poem, Wonderful Me

Where I’m From
Branson Charles Wilson

I am from a baseball mound, from Wilson Athletics, and a fishing reel in a slow moving stream.

I am from the back porch, and a cluttered house with clothing and shoes covering the floor as if a blanket over a cold woman in the wintertime.

I am from the aspen trees surrounded by the wild blueberries in the great mountains of New Mexico.

I am from the backyard wiffle ball game and blonde hair from Uncle Chris and Uncle Trey and Uncle Luke.

I am from the nonstop action of the day ranging from fishing tournaments at six in the morning to baseball games at eleven at night.

I am from the wise words of my mother, “Remember who you are” and of Cappy, “Everything is a trick.”

I am from Bible studies with my peers and Christian music playing in the car everyday to school along with a prayer by my father to start the day.

I am from the mountains and rivers of New Mexico bursting with bears and rainbow trout. Along with a warm egg casserole and an overflowing bowl of cereal.

I am from the game that changed my life, the battle between man and fish, and a long cast down the cool stream made by my Papa and his fly reel.

I am from the green grass of a baseball field, the strong smell of rainbow trout on the stove, and long hikes along the cliffs of wheeler peak, a man could not ask for a more blessed lifestyle.