Saturday, November 29, 2014

What Makes our World Beautiful

Smoke from the fire pit streamed into the cool morning air as Marshall and I warmed our hands around the low fire. Along the river's edge, bright yellow and orange trees reflected in the glass-like surface below, spreading the brilliant autumn colors above and below the landscape.

"Marshall, look at the sun rays peeking through those trees. What do you think of when you see those leaves?"
"Oh, Auntie Tonya, I see God in those trees."
"Really? How so, sweetie?"
"Well, they're pretty because they are dying. As they die, they make the world more beautiful. When Jesus died for us, He made the world more beautiful. That's how I see God in those trees."

Those words from my seven-year-old nephew.

As I sit across the coffee table from my friend who feels "stuck" in destructive patterns; as I lay awake at night, grieving with our friends who buried their 18-year-old son this week; as I realize my own mistakes and struggles in my marriage, my parenting, my own "stuck" battles... Marshall's simple truth wins out.

Jesus came, Jesus died for me and you, and His death for us makes this world beautiful. It gives us meaning, purpose, and hope for what's ahead.

May we hang our hope on that truth, Christ's comfort, this Thanksgiving and Advent season.