Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Practicing Gratitude 10.28.14

- Total GIFT of having Shawn and Heidi in our home for a few days. What bright lights for God's kingdom. They've been serving with CRU for 12 years now in San Diego, and getting some time with them was a complete joy for our family. In their short time with us, both were so intentional with getting to know our kiddos. Sign of a great couple when our kids were hungry for more time with them. Faulkners - next time you must bring your precious kiddos!
Shawn and our friend Zoli - great excuse for a party! Next time I've got to get some pics of Heidi...
- Young Life banquet. A privilege to be a part. 
Look forward to this set-up day every year (thanks, Mom, for taking girls to the dentist so I could be here)
Dayna ~ one of my fav people. Hard working, grateful, genuine. Lives life big.
Debby, Melissa, Melodie - and what fun YIKES mugs!
Yvette and Julie. Thank goodness these two are efficient.
Julie, me, Beth, Yvette, Jenna, Melodie. This is work, right?
Jenna's creativity
And - what a TREAT to have Bob with us. My third time to hear him this year ~ challenged and inspired each time.
Love this gal. Coffee and Wednesdays and Victoria!
Katie - love love.
We scored getting to keep "Marty and Pops" here after banquet
- Such a gift to get our friends across the street!

- The view from our front yard.
Hud and his buddies - such a great group of boys.
Because they don't get enough football from 6-9am
Basden and our next-door neighbor - sweet girls!
- Again, how much Basden enjoys volleyball. Great coach, great girls.

- Five days in Vegas (thanks for keeping kiddos, Daboo!). Celebrating Corbin's birthday while there - Oct 27th is one of the best days in history.
Happy happy birthday to my husband!
Happy birthday breakfast
We loved, loved staying at the Wynn. Other than shows, I was more than content staying right at the hotel.
- Andersons keeping girls for us while out of town. Made the transition of us leaving much smoother. 

- Tanglewood Carnival.
Didn't realize until we arrived that it's Basden's last. Goodness, beginning the grieving process of her being a 5th grader.

Essie and her posse
- More of Esther's soccer Saturdays.

- Liv's Light the Night. Touched by so much community support.
Love these two.
Cuties!! Makes me happy.
- Missing Hud's football game, but thankful for pics!
Such a great group - thankful!!
- PHS freshman's loss to Arlington Martin last week. Thankful in all things. It was a stunningly emotionally draining game. I was so stinking proud of our boys. Half the team walked to the bus afterwards in tears, completely spent from the game's intensity. Their first loss in two years. Couldn't have been prouder.
Bran - Defensive end, #27
Grey- #7, outstanding game as QB
My texts to a friend during the game

As our players gathered afterwards for the coaches' huddle, parents and friends gathered around the team in support.
- Essie and the way she imitates. Bran wrote this awhile ago and I saved it and posted it on my desk. Esther's pink note appeared days later.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12