Monday, September 15, 2014

Practicing Gratitude 9.15.14

 - Watching Hudda play football. Great boys, great team. Great fun for us in the stands.


- How Basden entertains herself during games 

- Essie on the soccer field. Still figuring it out, but she's lost the mega bow. 
This in response to her biggest brother on the sideline
Where are the snacks??!
 - Friday playdates - love these sweet girls (and their families!)
How are these littles THIRD graders??
- Two (fashionista) peas in a pod. 

- Remembering Truett Cathy's life and legacy. 

- Cathy's autobiography. Corbin recently read several of his books and is touched by this man's generous, Christ-centered life

- These friends, and that our family gets to enjoy so much of TCU's campus and culture.

- Hud's end-of-summer baseball celebration. Watching Morgan's amazing District video - wow. Boys (and Coach Hardgrove) clearly enjoying themselves.

- Now posted at ULL ~ Hudson's team worked three years for what these signs represent.

- Ann of Green Gables. I am totally, totally smitten.

- Wrestling through hurt feelings (mine). Thankful in all things. 

- Tarrant Net banquet - with Laura Bush - great friends and a great work by this fabulous ministry.

- View from my kitchen window - Cross and Ruby cooling off after wrestling

- These two - what gifts. So grateful to get to live my life with them. Good days, crazy days, hard days - thankful for every one of them.

- Hudda - sweet sweet big brother. Watching Essie's game and then playing with her afterwards. 

- Attempting a "fun" family outing to the Promise. Oh my word - the kickback Corbin got for planning that on a Saturday evening... poor thing. Shaun made it bearable for the boys. Girls loved it. Mommy was exhausted playing referee between Corbin and that big one. 
Sweet Mollie with her English accent and long fingernails - our new next-door neighbor - what a cutie
 - Saturday mornings.

- Basden with a little free time. Turned out some yummy cookie dough fudge. All by herself. 

 - Bran growing a mullet. Thankful in all things.

- McLean's book fair. That is was successful. And that it's OVER. (Thanks, Betsy, for being my partner in crime!)

- Lisa sending me Dr. Cloud's quote - a keeper: "Each person is responsible for their own feelings, attitudes, choices, behaviors and desires.  Whose do you feel responsible for besides your own?”

- Panther football - games makes early morning practice bearable.

Faithful Daboo and Cappy
- Essie, aka "Mrs. Wilson," and her hours and hours of playing school.

- Tara here from Kauai for a few days - what a bright spot. Admire her much. And LOVE her kids.
- Basden running for 5th grade student council. She didn't win, and didn't win last year either. Proud of her efforts, and that she seems to shake off the loss.

- From Streams in the Desert: "Waiting upon God is vital in order to see Him and receive a vision from Him. And the amount of time spent before Him is also critical, for our hearts are like a photographer’s film - the longer exposed, the deeper the impression. For God’s vision to be impressed upon our hearts, we must sit in stillness at his feet for quite a long time. Remember, the troubled surface of a lake will not reflect an image."

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12