Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Practicing Gratitude 10.21.14

- A few days in Austin with Corbin - thanks to amazing grandparents keeping kids - what a gift to not worry a bit, knowing they're having more fun than if we were there.

- Time with heart friends in Austin: visting with Carlos and Kelly in their home; Kirsten, Brandon and their kiddos for lunch; Kristin Cowden and her kiddos in their home, and several hours with Shaun and Christina for dinner last night. Your timing, the way you orchestrate the events, just precious. Thank you.
Time with Kirsten - and ALL the Dickersons!
Photo creds to Christina - lovely dinner!
- Shaun's encouragement. One of the kindest men we know. So grateful for their friendship ~ a gift not just of like-mindedness and encouragement, but they're just plain fun. A gift to laugh so hard with another couple.

- Getting to see Raven and Lily storefront in Austin and meeting Kirsten's staff - I could have taken one of everything.

- A few hours alone in a corner of the hotel lobby.

- Getting home to Hud's football game, a gift to have all the grandparents there

- A (big) "no." Choosing to see it not as rejection, but as protection.

- That we can trust you, Lord, with disappointments - You see the road ahead, and we can keep our eyes on You for direction.

- Dress-up day at McLean
Nice legs, Hud.
- This crazy gal. I'm enjoying the pups more as they're getting older. Whew - that first year was insanity.

- Essie (and friends) constantly playing school. Find these all over the house.
My fav - the "good day" column v. the "horable" column
- Papa interrogated by PHS police (Asst Principal, anyway) when trying to get Bran for an early dismissal. Bran's hilarious text to me describing the scene - and Jack Sparrow (!) Thank goodness for Papa's sense of humor.

- Papa attempting to take the boys to fish on lake Grapevine when they were off of school Monday. Winds were too strong - bummer. But Papa's willingness to cancel an appt and take the boys is huge. Rain check.

- Bran's first Paschal homecoming
Headed to the varsity game
- Homecoming - "1st date"

Pics and dinner downtown (thx for organizing us, Tami!)
What a great group of girls

Parent paparazzi

Proud Mammas

- An unexpected sussy for Essie that Sarah dropped by - a darling, sparkly dress for no reason at all except to be twinsies with Avie. So thoughtful and made Esther's (and my) night.

 - That our (huge) elementary school feels small because of our amazing, staff, families and teachers.

- Swimming in October

- This coaster in our Austin hotel - yes and yes.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12