Sunday, June 15, 2014

Practicing Gratitude 6.15.14

- Summer has ARRIVED

- Not making four lunches every night before bed

- No homework

- Sleeping late ~ at least we'll get to next week after kids camp!

- Being home more, and our kids with each other off and on during the day. As grateful as I am for school, I love the break from being with so many people so much of the time.

- That Esther and Basden really are best friends. Most days.

- Watching the Reds play. Bran's third year with this team. After a break last summer, they're playing District Jr Ball this year.
Love watching him pitch, as he loves it so much

- Reds celebratory dinner
14-year-old boys love it when moms snap pics of them

- Jared's leadership and encouragement with Bran. Never mind that we love hanging out with the Shopes, but Jared's influence on Branson is significant.
Coaching him at ULL and again last summer on the 9ers, Jared made Bran feel that he believed in him, which then propelled Bran's hard work, solidified confidence, and built tremendous respect for this coach. Doesn't hurt that Jared also has a ridiculous sense of humor.

- Hud's third year with the Raiders (District team)

- Baseball coaches (ours are still volunteer) who sacrifice an incredible amount of hours and effort in training these teams. They don't yell or belittle the players. The players enjoy them and find pride playing on these teams. Their criticism is constructive, and both of our teams' coaching staffs value team camaraderie.  Strenuous workouts are accompanied by Fuzzy's or Buffalo Wild Wings team dinners, swim parties, and "Miracle" movie nights.

- That baseball, as talented / skilled as I think my boys might be (yes, I recognize my partiality), continues to serve as an anvil. Continues to sharpen and humble all of us, and point us to simple truths. In particular, that whatever we do, we do it for the glory of God. Easier said than done, but at times (and in other sports) Bran and Hud have been forced to decide ~ is it worth the time and effort if they can't play their desired position? Are the hours worth it if they feel overlooked? So far the answer has been yes. And we serve a Heavenly Father who never, never overlooks.

- Hudson's team over to swim after a win in the Jim Sundberg tournament. Hud asked last week if they could all come swim again, and he said, "Please don't cook, don't clean up, don't get anything ready. We just want to swim. Make it easy." My immediate response, "Yes sir ~ we can do that!"

- Walking into THIS. Are you kidding me? Who talked Branson Wilson into playing a board game?? I could kiss them.
Enjoying a "snowboard" Monopoly version - a birthday gift from Foster
- Finding Hudson, the next day, playing Monopoly with "Esther." Evidently they started a game together, but when she left, he continued the game with a pretend opponent for hours, taking turns moving around the board for both of them. 

- Moments to just play ~ I cannot express how good the break from heavy routine feels
And yes, it is June, I have no idea why the long sleeves?!
- Seeing her more. Man, I love this girl.

- Finding Hud's selfie on my phone.

- Camp JOY.
Atlee, Bailey and Julia drummed up a creative camp for the littles (girls around Essie's age) - Camp JOY: Jesus ~ Others ~ You. Held at the Anderson's country home, Nik kept Essie while Basden and I were in NY, which softened the blow of us leaving without her. 

Holding hands ~ sweet
Not real sure what Essie's doing here ~ maybe some sort of talent show? Regardless, I was grateful for a glimpse into their week through pictures!
The Red team's cheer
Handing out character awards
Darling girls (bigs and littles!)
Lots of planning paid off ~ the girls had a ball. Essie's fav part of the week ~ memorizing and reciting their Bible verse.
- Father's day ~ Corbin and Essie doing the "welcome" at church
She was excited to hold the mike (and thx Raders for the pic!)
- Nettie May's Father's day card for Uncle Corbin.
She is so clever and creative ~ hilarious
- A daddy who swims with his kiddos. Makes it way more fun.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12