Friday, April 4, 2014

Practicing Gratitude 4.04.14

- Men of my life

- Getting to host YL adult committee dinner and meeting ~ grateful for lovely weather, lovely people.

Sweet Basden helping me peel and slice 24 apples for apple crisp for dessert ~ Pioneer Woman's recipe phenomenal
- Crazy blessed by Bridgett's heart.

- Emily and David - such a neat couple, God overflows so big from them.

- Julie and her awesome efficiency. And kindness.

- A tidy home (sometimes, anyway) - the peace that order brings.

- The critical value of choosing peace when things are not in order. So hard, but so liberating. Allen Levi's "1412 and 1420"  circles me back to reality.

- Bran and Hud taking a vacation day from school to fish with Papa. And that it was, even from a fishing point of view, a success. Thank you for your spontaneous availability and willing heart, Papa, and Curtis and Shirley - thank you for letting them fish in your lake!

- This season of children still in elementary. I love it.

- Hud's complement to Basden about volleyball ("if you were on the team they'd win,") and Branson bragging on Hudson's pitching to his friends. We get so many "opportunities" to train our kiddos on kindness to each other, I'm grateful for these highlights. 

- Ricky's story of God's prompting at Moms in Prayer. Touching. 

- Winding walking paths in the park that help me think.

- When dinner consists of chips, salsa and guac.

- Tanglewood park bench pick up friends. 

- The gift that our good friend, John Kelley, is also our orthodontist. We were friends way before we were patients, but with all four of our kids in treatment, we get to see him often. His staff is so fantastic and friendly ~ they are happy and friendly and forgiving! Makes ortho appts a joy.

- Corbin checking the pool in the mornings before heading to work - that it hasn't been ANY extra work for me in having a pool. What a gift.

- Sweet Molly - so glad they're here from England!

- An friend stopping by spur of the moment Friday morning. Coffee and tears, a privilege to be called on. And a fresh reminder of your miracle in Basden's life and health ten and a half years ago.

- Prov 19:11 ~ "It is one's glory to overlook an offense."

- Our trash ~ that it actually gets picked up every week ~ easy to take for granted, but I'm so glad we're not delivering that to the dump!

 - Getting two cavities filled this week. That we have insurance, the accessiblity to great medical care (in a gorgeous office), and that I've found a great new dentist whom I absolutely love - thank you for making it an easy process, Dr. Sarah Morris.

- Track - McLean City Champs!
Triple jump. B enjoyed it, but I still don't quite understand this event.
Photo credits ~ Patrick Cox ~ thanks for sharing your great shots!
Bran and Jalen. Bran placed 2nd in hurdles to Jalen's 1st, but he was just glad to beat one certain kid. Jalen is one of Bran's  few classmates that also played football, basketball and track.
These boys - so happy for them with all their HARD work this year!
McLean boys and girls both won the championship by more than double the next teams. Way to go. 
- Gorgeous spring weather with screen doors open.

- Getting to attend the YWCA fundraising luncheon - what an incredible service they provide our city. Hearing one of the residents sing, "I can fly" blew me away. Blew the whole room away. 

- Anticipation of a new season, fresh hope.

- Last Friday's La Madeline lunch.

- Baseball!


We woulda cheered either way here - good buds battling it out

Grey hitting Bran in

He doesn't often remind me of a bull, but he's sure got that look here
- My Only Love by Matt Maher - my current fav.

- Jerry and Sarah's hospitality. Best of all, Jerry's Salsa di Parmigiano. Loved our little dinner party.

- The reality of God's forgiveness, and my sin that desperately needs it. Reminded by Jerry Bridge's "Respectable Sins - Confronting the Sins we Tolerate." Grateful for Thursday morning friends to discuss this with - an encouraging and engaging study.

- Basden anticipating FishStix, and that Skylar will still be interning this summer.

- Julia and Brighton for a sleepover ~ made a regular old Thursday night very fun for the Wilson crew.

- Made even more fun by getting to celebrate Atter's new pup, Flora. The only good thing about the Andersons moving outside of town (besides the fact that they love country-living) is that now they sometimes need a stop-over point in Fort Worth, like this week between DFW and the baseball field.

I vote Hud the most smitten
- Raven and Lily's very first storefront open (as of yesterday!) in Austin
Beautiful Kirsten - and her beautiful heart for providing opportunity for women around the world

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12