Friday, March 28, 2014

Practicing Gratitude 3.28.14

- A very happy 14th to Bran...

- Essie's non-stop love for playing school. Usually by herself, as she's got the entire sun room organized as her classroom. She is, of course, "teacher" to Daboo and Basden here. 

- Making the most of a rainy day. Love that they still do this.

- Finding this note in the sunroom. Out of the mouths of babes. Grateful that love covers a multitude of sins - for both of us. 
Before selfies come the self-drawings. This one with self-inflicted tears.

- Essie's inner artist, and that Mrs. Pauling offers it opportunity to grow.

- Her very creative invention. That she took ownership of the project, and that it's over.

- Our driveway filled with great boys. Thrills my heart.

- I signed her up for basketball as an outlet for her competitive spirit. We weren't disappointed. Even down to her "Reid method" of making baskets.

- A full kitchen - with Papa making his guac!

- Honor choir. Getting to sing at a nursing home, among other neat events. She absolutely loves it.

- Running into an old friend. How very grateful I am for his music that streams into our home regularly. Thank you, David, for continuing to take risks in using your gifts in a vulnerable, authentic way. I've listed you in these gratitude posts before.  A treat to get to see you face-to-face.

- A phone call from Nickmo, and then getting to catch up for half an hour. What a gem.

- Phone call from Hud's PE teacher, Mr. Cartwright. Precious and meant so much.

- Kevin and his investment in Branson the past two years. So grateful.
Kevin, our middle school pastor, has calmly talked me off the ledge with reassuring words regarding parenting middle school boys
- My trip to the Apple Store. Breathed a quick prayer in the parking lot before going in that it would be productive - you never know. Not only did they combined my two "issues" into one appointment, but I got our laptop fixed quickly and inexpensively.

- Mark Gregston's website and weekly newsletter. Bless him.

- A backyard ringing with little girls' laughter

- Waking Basden up this morn. She had to be at school early, and I woke her when it was still dark. She lumbered out of bed happily and came downstairs with me with the sweetest countenance. She's just happy to greet the day. So precious. After what I put my parents through, I don't deserve her.

- That Essie can talk her big brother's friends into helping her with cheerleading stunts
Love these boys.
- Sunday nights with Aubrey. A jewel. And direct answer to prayer.

- Sweet school friends.

- The start of Spring baseball. Happy happy happy.
Hud  refusing to wear his UT hat during practice. I'm ok with this kind of rebellion.

- Saying yes to something I don't want to do, and God faithful in softening my heart

- Track - the finale of middle school sports era for Bran. He qualified for the City Championship meet TONIGHT in high jump, triple jump, and both hurdles ~ and he's more than a little nervous.

This kid gave Bran a run for his money. B hoping fora  successful re-match tonight... we'll see!
- Late on Monday night after a track meet, following a packed weekend, Corbin helping Bran with his homework. What a long-suffering daddy.
What cracked me up most - he's using colored pencils to draw the examples. Isn't this what all grown men do at 11 pm?
- Hud going door-to-door on our street selling cookie dough for choir, and Basden and Esther accompanying him as his managers - and the fact that he let them tag along. They both came downstairs sporting McLean shirts that Hud provided, Essie complete with a tutu and clipboard (Hud did ask that she not carry the clipboard and ginormous flower pen, but he relented when she insisted). Wish I had a pic of this one.

- Two signs of independence in my children - Hud shaking his head and looking at me like I was crazy when I asked if he needed me to walk with him door-to-door. And then a few minutes later Basden scooting up to my laptop to reply to one of her teachers, when I intended to reply myself. She wanted to take responsibility in the communication, and I gladly passed the baton. Reminds me of Mom teaching us independence by moving the cereal bowls to the bottom cabinet when we were young. Grateful this independence is passing down the generations.

- That Hud's cookie-dough sales were successful - thank God for great (generous!) neighbors - can always count on the Worleys and sweet TCU girls!

- An impromptu Saturday dinner with friends ~ really sweet evening

- Hud as George Muller, "Guardian of Bristol's Orphans" for Night of the Notables. Muller - what a hero.
The "wizard wig" we shaved down minutes before the event... thx for the inspiration, KDS!
- Hud (Muller) and Mitchell (Houdini)
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- How, at 7, Essie sees herself.
May her perspective continue...

- Spring tulips. Bulbs that Basden and I planted last fall and haven't touched since sprouted up and surprised us. The wonder of spring.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12