Friday, October 25, 2013

Practicing Gratitude 10.25.13

- That our pastor teaches this - firmly - from the pulpit.

- Taking (making) the time to write. And how it feeds my soul.

- Praying each week alongside school moms.

- The pool house - clean and cozy - such a gift.

- Her new habit. How do kids intuitively know how to do this??

- Cappy teaching Bran how to drive - a standard!

Turned Bran's evening at Bourland into an adventure

- Returning home to mischievous pups having unabashedly torn up the backyard turf. Choosing to be thankful in all things.

- This girl and her dogs. 

This makes the turf chewing bearable.

- Finding this paper in Esther's backpack.

Upon closer inspection, I asked why she erased half of the "polite" box. Her response - because sometimes I burp!" Well, then.
- Basden's doodles. She's done this for years since Rebecca taught them at Roomie Camp.

- When Corbin writes encouraging emails to the kids' teachers.

- The magic of shrinky dinks

- Es completing her "no sucking fingers" chart as per Dr. Kelley's orders.

Especially love how she "signed" each day's progress
- Branson's new braces (Round 2). And that we could afford them. Especially with little Essie starting hers this month!

- Dr. Kelley and his amazing staff. That if we're going to be in an orthodontic office so often, at least we get to see great people! (Basden and Hud are on a hiatus between rounds one and two...)

- Cotillion (John with his day-of football concussion - grateful he's there and walking!)

- First Honor Choir outing

- Corbin taking the girls out - water gardens after dinner

- A baby shower for Basden's sweet teacher. And - the gift of little Charlotte Parker born just a few days later perfectly healthy.

- Going through all of the kids' school work from last year. All those hard-worked-for grades, assignments completed, etc.  Difficult to just throw in recycle, represents so much learned and so much hard work.

- The lightness that comes with seeing piles (that have been squatting for months and even years) begin to disappear.

- The joys of finding JoJo - even more fun with Ashley

- Finding them laughing together

- Corbin passing his CMPE exam. Smarty pants.

- Saturday mornings. Somehow Mitchell always finds himself surrounded by the girls.

- Mom (and Dad!) taking care of the kids on back-to-back weekends for us. We loved our Colorado Springs / San Diego weekends - what a treat. And hugely grateful for friends who gladly step in to offer rides and fill in the gaps. 

- Breakfast at Clayton's Diner on Coronado - and riding bikes around the island. So quaint and patriotic.

- This used to surprise me, especially at vacation locations we may never even venture to again (in San Diego here). But after all these years, I find his "window shopping" adorable. A true curiosity for real estate ALL over.

- The true joy this brings him. A hobby straight from Heaven - seriously. This makes him long for quiet moments in the outdoors - what more could I want for a teenage son?!

- Foster and his elk

- A few quiet minutes of solitude in the morning. So refreshing, so necessary.

- Christmas in Cowtown - missing half a school day Friday for our annual date. 

- Young Life dodgeball!

- Bostick boys for dinner - fun for all four of our kiddos

- This group of boys. Four years of great memories with Hud as part the Panthers!

- Mama’s recovery - day 2 out of surgery today, that her vitals are good, her tummy feels better.

- Daboo and Cappy headed to Tulsa - so good - to see soccer games and hug those darling grandsons!

- Looking forward to a FULL weekend FULL of cousins!

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12