Saturday, September 14, 2013

Practicing Gratitude 9.14.13

- Catching Corbin playing pool games with his girls.

- And on another day. My dad used to do this with us. 

- That he does a good job of this. And that I never have to. I didn't believe it on the front end, that the boys (including Corbin, of course) could / would really take care of the pool. But they've proven me wrong.

- Our new (again!) next door neighbors
Oh how we love her.
- Daddy taking breakfast to a whole new level - bacon alfresco
More than a little grateful he loves doing this
- Sacked out after football practice
Couldn't help the grin when he saw my camera.
Where Ruby likes to be. Touching anything with a heartbeat.
- Esther crossing two milestones to maturity - one of which is giving up Blankie and Bunny. Breaks my heart to see her long for them, but proud of her for putting them away.

- Paschal Friday night games

- Discovering the Esther's organizational skills in unexpected places

- The time it takes to get everything on the family calendar. And that I can make the time to do it.

-  Bran's imitations of Uncle Si. He's really good. Fun to laugh hard at his antics.

- Difficult football practices...
Hud at #12
No idea Bran's practice jersey, but surely he's in there
- ... Lead to exciting football games
That's Hudda in the purple taking down white #21
On this one - Bran is #20, I'm sure of it
- When Corbin and I don't agree - thankful for two minds, two viewpoints to bounce ideas between.

- Something I've laughed at many times in the past week - Corbin helping me cook an egg sausage casserole. I clicked on a Pinterest recipe and handed him my phone, waiting for him to tell me how many eggs to stir. After about five minutes of staring at my phone, he looked up at me and demanded, "Why am I reading all about someone's Christmas morning?!" 

- New classmates becoming fast friends

-  Hud's first cotillion. With Bruce and Christi Lea, so similar to my cotillion nearly thirty years ago. Same studio, same instructors. Love hearing Hud's stories, his impressions, and a reminder of Branson's first taste of cotillion two years ago. Bran was so disappointed to learn that cotillion was just once a month, not once a week! (Sometimes hard to believe these boys are brothers)

- Rainy Friday movie night with Hud and Basden (the Socialites opted for the PHS football game with Daddy - shocker!)

- Finding a perfect birthday gift for Auntie Cameron

- Friday reader for Essie's class - reading The Garderner, not without choking up. Kids found it quite humorous. 

- A group of faithful men praying. Truly lightened my heart. 

- Lysa Terkeurst's story and ministry and writing

- A gift of personalized M&M's - how fun!

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12