Thursday, August 29, 2013

Practicing Gratitude 8.29.13

- Celebrating 17 years
Aug 11, 1995

- A screenshot of Hud's post on Instagram ~ sweet boy (feel free to roll eyes at this one... but I'm not missing a chance to memorialize this!)

- A full pool after a football meeting - makes my heart happy

- Football season

- Dropping in on Daddy at work - in a poodle skirt, no less

- A $12 lunch with dear friends

- Celebrating Jenna's 40th!

- Celebrating Karl's 50th. Wish I had a pic of the birthday couple - such a memorable celebration. Mostly because of the intimate nature of their marriage.

And - an excuse to wear this vintage, hand-crocheted wedding gown I bid $25 on at the Angel Fire Community Center a couple of summers ago

- She just discovered this place. "Closest thing to Heaven."

- Boys' last summer outing to the lake - Bran with his gar and bass (thanks, Daboo, for taking them again!)

- Watching the boys jump and flip at Flight Deck, awakening my grief for Stephanie

- Nan & Jeff's quick visit - loved our lunch.  Especially Jeff's scribbles on a napkin at lunch - sharing a language for "transitions"

- The start of a new school year - new beginnings. One child's text to Corbin, "Daddy, I have the nicest teacher in the school." 

- Back-to-school parties
Basden and her 4th grade buddies at Van Grow
Pool parties a-plenty
 - All four kid's school schedules and teachers - I continue to be so impressed and touched by these teachers and staff
Seeing friends at open house sure helps get us motivated for the new year

- New leadership at our elementary - a fresh start

- First day of school - and that it went smoothly


- Mrs. Burlin and how much Basden admires her

- Reuniting with friends

- Running into Sam and Campbell (and Lori!) at Sweet Frog ~ first day as big Paschal boys!

- Bran excited about football. And basketball. And his friends' transfers to McLean.

- My writing spot

- Your forgiveness- that it flows from the essence of your character. I can count on you to be like the prodigal son’s father - not giving me an additional lecture when I come to you in repentance but calling for a robe and a ring and a feast in my honor. (Treasury of Praise, "Clean and More")

- Emails from Navy Commanders

- These dear friends in Austin and how we miss them.

- Andee's vision and hospitality, Katherine's cooking prowress, and a room of amazing women. And of course, and Tarrant Net's Read to Win!

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12