Saturday, May 25, 2013

Practicing Gratitude 5.25.13

- Dangly earrings and a locket from a Charming Charlie's shopping trip with Mama

- What she chose to put in the locket

- Watching Hudson as a Baylor Bear this spring
You know something's wrong if he's not cheering / chattering


- Basden's first run at softball - Go Pirates!

Their turn in the stands, for a change!
- Bran with the 9ers

They have no idea the support FOUR grandparents offer
- Because it's not enough to be doing three (actually, 5) baseball teams, let's throw in a little 7 on 7 just for the fun of it. And - in Springtown, TX (!!)

sweet sweet sweet
 - Our children's self-inflicted consequences. Hate these, because I don’t like seeing them miss out. But grateful that perhaps missing out now will be a springboard for better choices ahead.

- Her make-shift desk

- Mud Run - taking the time on a Sat morn, even with the boys' two baseball tournaments in neighboring cities... so fun!!


- Stephanie's prayer service, lovely.  Ps 121.

- Bran’s comment afterward - “We should always feel like this.” A young heart burdened heavy.

- That when I click on Steph’s “meals” website, her community of friends has already filled all of June’s dates. What sweet, generous friends surround their family.

- Our costume closet... and finding her like this

- Praying with Bran - his asking for the strength to forgive someone. These moments are when I’m so grateful to be his mom, to get to see this heart.

- A visit from our New Mexico cousins - a treat!
Bran and Foster ~ air soft wars
Uncle Alan helping with the turf ~ bless him!
Ro and Es
Nettie and Joy
Cannot get enough of this!
- Basden getting to have Nettie at her game

- These cute things all together

- Papa the Pied Piper

- Joined at the heart

- Rollerskating with Abby

- Volunteering with Artapalooza ~ tie-dye t-shirts, no less!

- Not ashamed

- Not here, either.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12