Thursday, June 6, 2013

Practicing Gratitude 6.5.13

- Basden competing in UIL storytellin

- Corbin always making the celebration special

- Little Laura Ingalls Wilder

This dress - a treasure - made for Daboo by my Grandma Esther
 - May projects ~ never-ending ~ this one on responsibilities at home

- Basden's "Squake" (snake / squirrel)

- Esther's 1st grade field day

- Basden Joy - holding the anchor in field day (trying, at least!)

- Hud's 5th grade (final) field day

- Basden's field day awards

- Hud and his field day awards

- Papa’s back surgery in Tyler, we think a success. Slow healing, but helpful.

- Mama’s sweet text that he’s enduring this for his grandkids - that Papa has too much he still wants to do with them!

- Watching Hud (11) grow into a young man. Almost as tall as me. Pretty much looking him straight in the eye now. He seems to be changing by the week. 

- Hair rollers for little beauties

- Bran at the lake - when I asked him to open the gate, this is what popped up in my rearview monitor (don't try this at home....)

- Lotsa, lotsa baseball... but this Mom loves it.

- Mother's day tourney - and after games from 8am to 11 pm, the 9ers WON


- Bran receiving a special athletic award - even more special that he got it along with Coulter

Mama and Papa couldn't be at the ceremony (Cap & Daboo represented them well), but they came by after in a typhoon to celebrate
- Coach Goebel. His driving nature the first few months of school in football and basketball almost did Bran in, until Branson realized he was being pushed to his potential. 
It took a few months, but Branson admires him like crazy now
- Mr. Deal. Bran's favorite teacher in 7th grade. According to Branson, Mr. Deal is why he went to school everyday.
Grateful time and again for these McLean teachers
- Planting pumpkins for fall
Since they're not getting a green thumb from me, so glad they've got Daboo's genes
- That he still runs around in a cape

- Each little moment with him

- Swimming season officially here!

- Thursday Boys fun

 - Precious Davenports in CO - make me smile. 

- Chris and Crystal's Memorial Day in Bozeman - a little different than ours!

- Big game back yard hunter

- Finishing the year with Moms in Prayer
These pages represent hundreds and hundreds of prayers for Tanglewood staff, students and families
- Gift from Esther

- Finally!

 Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12