Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Practicing Gratitude 4.3.13

- God-timed conversations on Monday mornings

- Jesus Calling. No matter how popular that little devotional book gets, it remains right-on and incredibly encouraging. Thankful for Sarah Young's listening in writing those devos.

- Davis family.  What they are to so many, how brightly they glorify You, Lord. We are so grateful for Steve's life and influence, and humbly ask for his complete healing.

- Our Moms in Prayer group. A balm to my heart to pray with other school moms for our children, teachers, and school as a whole. Always, always encourages me in the trenches of parenting.

- A new team, new energy, new teammates. A privilege to play with these boys and coaches.

- Oh my gosh. What a story! This wedding, on this beach, with this precious, precious pastor marrying them. Only God could weave all these things together.

- Esther's 1st grade Texas trails play. Trying to pay attention to all of these "lasts" as we encounter them.
Esther toward the bottom right in the red skirt. Like her older brothers and sister, no reservations with being on stage.
Even arriving ten minutes early, we were on the VERY back row. Our school outgrew this auditorium years ago... thankful for lots of parents and grandparents who make the effort to attend these events.
- Opening day at ULL. Grateful for such a fantastic little league community.

- Our loyal fans in the bleachers - so thankful for all four grandparents. Don't want to take that for granted for a minute. A tremendous gift.
Aren't they the cutest?!
These guys are pretty cute too.
- Celebrating a new little life on its way.
Noah James has no idea what great parents he's been given in Katie and Tom
- When Esther sets the table

- Corbin chuckling at Basden's note on my desk ~ her reminder that next year is her year to put the star on the Christmas tree (the note was put up sometime in Jan). Always surprises me what's important to these precious kiddos

- Bran and Hud's new beds! After months and months of Bran's mattresses on the floor after breaking his bed frame last summer... I just didn't get to Ikea in all that time. And now, after assembling both beds, Corbin may never let me in that store again.

- Esther and Basden totally entertained by a new pair of walkie-talkies

- Jojoba oil from Mama. I'm not a product gal, but I love, love this for my skin.

- Where the puppies play - ON the trampoline!
Now that they are older and not chewing everything in sight, really thankful there are two, that they have each other to play with
- Wrestling in prayer

- Hud and Basden ironing for $$. Never before has my ironing basket been empty!

- Hosting Corbin's office for dinner. I would absolutely repeat the dinner, but I hope to never again repeat the crazy hour or so before. Corbin could handle my frazzled attitude, but one ugly complaint uttered from my mouth just a few minutes before everyone arrived set us both over the edge. I realized too late the influence my negative words and attitudes can have on my entire family. I think we were serving dessert before Corbin and I could even speak to each other. So, I am choosing gratitude in ALL things, even in learning (again) the power of my negative words.We had been wanting to have these friends over for literally months. More than anything, we wanted to express our gratitude for such great co-workers for Corbin. His staff is a bright-spot in what can be a demanding and pressure-filled position. Hopefully we'll get the opportunity again, because they are great families to spend an evening with!
Fish that Corbin, Bran and Hud caught on Lake Grapevine. And I was informed by multiple friends that you can't have a fish fry without hushpuppies!
Hud and Esther made these bite-size salads

Maddy & Esther - double trouble

- Easter week, Holy week. Especially Southcliff's Tenebrae service (with Daboo in the choir), and the overwhelming remembrance of Christ's suffering for my sin

- Our Lent tree ~ an idea adopted from No Ordinary Home. Gives us opportunities in the weeks before Easter to be reminded of God's redemptive story throughout Scripture leading up Christ's sacrificial gift.

- Good Friday off of school. It was wonderful. We spent the lazy morning doing things that some years we don't take time for - making Bunny Bait, dying eggs, filling eggs for Sunday's hunt... loved being in the kitchen with my kiddos.

- Getting to make bunny-butt pancakes with Basden (thank you, Pinterest)

- Worshiping at church on Saturday evening, love that option over Easter weekend.
We were on speaking terms here...

Touching to see these friends baptized, along with a couple of special others. Started the Easter service in such a meaningful way.
- Easter morning at home

- Our beautiful family in Tulsa! Luke and Julie and their darling boys. Love them so much.
Thanks, Julie, for the Easter pic!
 Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12