Thursday, December 13, 2012

Practicing Gratitude 12.13.12

- Family movie watching the "Christmas Carol" with a giant trash bag full of popcorn (thank you, Thursday Boys!)
- Basden knowing so many lines to the movie by heart

- Daboo's 40th birthday gift to me ~ winterizing our front flower bed


- Esther's 40th birthday gift to me

- Ten women gathered in her new home around her just-moved-in-dining table for a small luncheon.... a special memory of friendships and conversation for a lifetime

- Eating lunch with the girls at school ~ reminded again of the sweet community

- The Tulsa James' new addition

- The privilege of praying with other women for our teachers and staff

- December bathing beauties

- A quiet home!

- Fires in the fireplace nearly every night (made possible installing gas logs - sorry Aunt Julie!)

- Bran's basketball game last night - with 2 seconds left, our free throw ties game. OT. Our team wins by one basket ~ who hoo!

- Remebering back when they only dreamed of being basketball stars...

- Back bends, back walkovers, handstands, cartwheels... the girls way of moving throughout the house

- Dear friends smiling at us from their Christmas cards ~ love this time of year

- These two partners in crime

- Basden’s prayer written on a church notecard

- Spending a cold, wintery Sunday at the new H5 ranch (!!)


- $$ in the bank for my Costco purchases

- Mrs. Patterson’s surprise 39 1/2 birthday, seeing how loved she is by the other teachers and her students (I would never have imagined back in 1991 at a Garth Brooks concert that one day my 11-year-old would get to have her for a teacher)


- Hud running for student council, losing by one vote, and the fact that he voted for the OTHER guy!

- Their fav

- Twinks! Came down dressed for school like this together

- That sweet Ashlyn loves her note from Esther so much she sleeps with it

- Championship rings from the fall double-header season (love these boys)

- Snapshots of Advent in our home that make me happy

- Esther’s little heart, and this note she ran to the kitchen and wrote to herself during a “scary” part of a family movie.
(insert pic of note!)

- Laughing HARD at a birthday party with the Bosticks. Just feels good to laugh that hard, and seeing Corbin laugh makes me laugh even more.

- Juanelle’s faith ~ observing her grief all those years ago continues to teach me to trust

- Don't mind so many Christmas work dinner when I get to go with him

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12