Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hemming us in ~ Behind and Before

Snowy white powder under our skis, none of us could keep up with Esther today on the slopes. Seriously.
Now, that's not counting the boys, as they were on their own snowboarding. But Basden, Nettie May and I could barely keep up with little Essie, who plowed straight down the mountain passes at full speed.
This was our first day skiing since Spring Break. So we started a little timid, but by lunchtime everyone preferred the more difficult blues. As this was only Esther's second or third time to ski, I was cautious with her, wanting her to show me that she could ski in control, could make her S turns, and could weave back and forth rather than simply plunging straight ahead ~ hopefully not into people or trees!
Corbin knew I needed his moral and physical support, so rather than tearing up the trails with Branson, Hudson, and Foster, he stayed with us girls and made sure Esther kept it under the speed limit.
I felt secure with Corbin skiing ahead of us, deciding which runs to take, because I wasn't sure of the girls' abilities (minus Nettie, who is super skilled and on the Angel Fire ski team - goodness).  I think we all felt confident with Corbin in the lead.
But I also liked him bringing up the rear, available to grab lost poles or scoop up fallen girls after a spill, dusting off the snow and getting them back up on their skis. He's good at that. Not only agile on his skis, but physically strong and sure. He's also good at coaching the girls and instructing them down the mountain.
And while I've never fully understood that passage in Psalm 139, that God hems us in behind and before, today was a clear picture of that. While Corbin was behind OR before - one or the other - God says He is both. He hems us in ~ protects us. He goes ahead and directs our course, clearing the path that lays ahead. But he covers us from behind as well, available to pick us up and care for us when we fall and get hurt.
The Message translates it this way:
I look behind me and you’re there,
    then up ahead and you’re there, too—
    your reassuring presence, coming and going.
On this Christmas Eve,  I'm grateful for this protection, this covering. Truly, such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too much for me to really understand. But what a relief.  

Thank you, Lord, for your covering, for your protection behind and before. For hemming us in.
Now - if You'll just keep hemming in Esther down those snowy runs!!