Friday, July 13, 2012

Practicing Gratitude 7.13.12

- Summertime ~ so thankful for a pool!!

- Bran's good attitude about bathing the dogs
- Watching Hudson play District ball, my heart swells because I'm so touched by his focus and intensity


- Hud's teammates and their families this summer ~ loved, loved the camaraderie


- Playing Waco Midway again in Sectionals, what a great group of boys they seem to be, and great parents as well. As Bran said on the way home, "I'm glad we won, but I'm sad they had to lose."

- Love, love her artwork

- Music camp ~ costumes, lunch, instruments. Christ Chapel does so much to make it fun for the kids, as well as easy on the parents


- Bogan's sweet gift - leaving his game set behind for our kids

- Branson digging deep to overcome fear and discouragement

- Youth leaders and how they pour into our families

- Skylar. Skylar. Skylar. What an overflow of LOVE.

- Lake day! Fun for all! Rice crispy treats, gatorades, wake boarding... what more could we ask for?!

I love it when Basden surprises me


- Esther's constant comedy. And dancing. And singing.

- Esther's response to how she felt about singing her (tiny!) solo in front of people, if it makes her nervous, "No, Mom! I WANT people to sing in front of!"
- A tough (nerve-wracking) battle for this:

- And this cool poster his coach put together ~ makes B feel like a rock star:

- Hud making his parachute cord bracelets... Omaha's twice in one week. And then seeing CCBC leaders wear them all week at music camp.

- Corbin's dedication and work ethic, not a word of complaint when it's a rough work week.

- Chris Wolfe - that it was only kidney stones.

- Kid taxis at McDonalds ~ so helpful for getting to baseball games.

- Sky Ranch surprises for Hud and Basden. What a gift.

- This sweet gal and her family - treasures.

- Basden and Esther swimming together yesterday evening, turning somersalts, underwater tea parties, back dives off the steps, Esther touching the bottom of the deep end... sweet girls.

- How much Basden loves her hair after sleeping in sponge rollers.

- Holding an open hand to my expectations (for summer) and what the Lord has for us. We may not be steeped with math facts and reading and trips to the museum, but downtime at home has been a tremendous gift.

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12