Monday, March 19, 2012

Practicing Gratitude... 3.19.12

- A weekend with these DEAR friends, the Brogdons. Oh my gosh - a shot in the arm of deep friendships
College friendships that have not just sustained the years, but grown over the years

- Tall, elegant, lovely Dar, and a couple of precious hours with her over breakfast. And that she was feeling well and walking and offered her energy to us.

- A couple of hours at Starbucks with some really amazing women

- Seeing Cetaphil lotion on Rebecca's bathroom counter - and remembering that it was her grandmother Pam who introduced it to me twenty years ago.

- Getting to meet Corbin's Kentucky cousins for the first time - after swapping family Christmas cards for 15 years

- Greeters... sweet family with sweet memories
Ethan with his shadow
 - A Fort Worth birthday party for Papa

- As always, yummy meals from Mama’s kitchen. A huge thanks to Auntie Cam for organizing all our food!

- New $5 ski pants for me and a (cool) $10 ski bib for Bran at Angel Fire Thrift

- Essie's concentration with coloring

- Bran & Hud getting to snowboard with Foster for 3 full days

- Fresh powder-covered mountain
Nettie and Basden - attached at the hip even when on skis
 - Pine branches laden with clumps of fresh snow

- “I’ve got this, Dad... Dad - leave me alone - I’ve got this!” Overheard from Esther on the ski mountain... (and since when did Daddy change to Dad?!)

Essie's very first ever lift ride - with Daddy
- Skiing blues with my girls - on a sunny day, no less! (Extra thankful - this Mom is a fair-weathered skiier...)

- Tom Shirey cooking Texas BBQ in Angel fire

- Meeting up with Fort Worth friends on the slopes

- Boys getting to ski with Uncle Alan, as well as a midnight round of Xbox’s Cabella’s

- Finding the "just right" new cowboy hat

- Can we say... COUSINS??! Thankful for all these little (and not so little) kiddos

Picturesque moments at Papa's mountains

- These two get the prize for "spirited"

- Papa’s rum cake & Nettie May’s lime cake

- 3 little girls sound asleep on the futon

- Farkeling to see which two kids get to stay the rest of the week (Hud & Basden won)

- DQ Jalitos AND a Blizzard on the drive back to Texas

- Knowing we’ll see this crew again in the next couple of weeks!

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12


Corrina said...

I love seeing this pictures of the mountains. I miss the Wilsons and Benjamins but really hope you had such an amazing time.

Sarah said...

Looks like you guys have had a fun-filled couple of weeks :)

Krista Sanders said...

Those kids sure look cute in their ski clothes! Love the picture of E coloring and wishing for your road trip snack NOW!

Jessica said...

Thanks for capturing our Little Rock memories in your blog. Sooo glad we were able to spend time with you, C, and your precious girls. Breath of fresh air for sure! Let's do it again with the boys!