Monday, November 28, 2011

Practicing Gratitude... 11.28.11

- Creative Mama

- Cooking in Mama's kitchen, with people who can really cook

- Uncle Alan's turkey

- Bran and Hud's "man cave" in the suburban

- That the piano never sat silent

- Our Christmas gift from Benjamins


- These awesome yellow things... transformed ice skating with little ones

- Bran getting to help Uncle Alan with this thing - a just-minutes-ago decapitated elk
- Lots of little mouths to feed

- Powerful prayers from a friend

- Painted teapots, needle felting, picture collages, mancala, boys camping in a blizzard

- Corrina! What a gem. Photos from Uganda, India, slum children, goodness...

- Hunting for pine cones - and bringing home three bags of bounty

- That my eldest becomes a BOY in the mountains

- Foster's influence evident with Hudson asking for a Thermarest for Christmas

- A super thoughtful birthday gift

- One night of sleeping in the loft with both our girls, sweet.

- Essie and Rowan BFFs - a new (fantastic) development

- Nickmo saving the day, at home watching Cross & Ruby (no small task)

- Corbin meeting little Pate for the first time

- Corbin driving eleven hours

- Taking the time on road trips (with my husband driving) to organize pictures on my laptop

- Alan and Vicky's easy, generous hospitality, and how much the Wilson kids love being with the Keister crew

- The boys' admission of their favorite holiday tradition - spending time with relatives - something I don't have to "do!"
Missing four from Seattle...
- A week's break from thinking about our home and all the goings-on there

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12

Monday, November 21, 2011

Practicing Gratitude... 11.21.11

- Our brand-new little cousin, Brenna Christian, born 11.11.11. She's the youngest of four - all 4 years and younger! Thankful for a new (beautiful!) James gal.

- A friend's reminder, "Love is the willingness to give to the other person what I have that they need, because God wants me to."

- Hud getting to pretend he was a Dallas Cowboy - we all had fun pretending! Way to go, Superbowl Champs -

Final 6-0. Whew!

- Nettie May's eight years... and how she is loved lavishly by her two-week younger cousin...

- One mouse down - thanks to Yukon

- Friendships that take effort. And those that don't.

- Ms. Summey, and the reminder that our faith can bring others before Christ. One day, one friend, one Savior.

- My laundry room - seriously.

- Maggie Boone's arrival. And what her Mama means to us.

- Taking walks here - how it lifts my spirits to be on this path.

- Deut 33:12 - Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long and the One the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.   LOVE this.

- Basden's EIGHT years - she is truly my little joy.
Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles...   1 Chronicles 16:11-12

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy 10th to Hud

Last week's unique date 11.11.11 prompted a myriad of celebrations around the world - weddings, over-the-top anniversaries, treks to casinos in hopes of extra luck on an extraordinary date... and our family even welcomed a new little gal into the world on that incredible date, Trey & Amy's little #4, Brenna Christian!!  Wowzers. But I must say, in the hoopla of 11.11.11, it was the day before that struck our little home as meaningful - my boy turned ten on the 10th. Celebrating his life and all that he means to us this week.

My AMAZING Hudson -

You were ten on the tenth. Your golden birthday, as I’ve learned, since your age falls on your birthdate. And even though you weren’t super thrilled about a golden birthday party  (I get that), we managed to throw in some glitter and bling to celebrate this milestone.

Today marked the gift of a decade with you. A full decade of your big brown eyes, your slow grin, your sensitive spirit, your tenacious desire to get what you set your sights on.
You sit comfortably in the background. Until someone needs to be tackled, that is, or until a fly ball zinging into the outfield begs to be caught.

Otherwise, you’re pretty content going undercover, under the radar, giving space to all the others fighting for the stage.

I love that about you.

I love that after a massive play on some sports field, you take a quiet exit with your head down.

I love that when Esther asks me to play Memory and I brush her aside because preparing dinner is more pressing, without a word you set aside your spelling packet and clamor down on the carpet with her, turning over cardboard pictures of Eyore and Pooh.

I love that you exasperate Daddy with your “simple” palate (which, thanks to his insistence, is slowly growing wider.) Some of your favs right now are Root beer, gummy worms, poppy seed chicken, chips and queso, cake and dessert with NO fruit, asparagus, chicken pot pie, beef jerkey, Funions. As for restaurants, Chipoltle and Mi Cocina.
Your favorite lunch, Chipoltle chicken burrito

I love that you’ve learned to wake up with a happy heart, and gone are the days of tears in your waffles because it’s cold and dark outside - too early for any human to be out of bed.

You have a perfect place in this family. You usher in consistency, calm, and a big grin. And with those things, plenty of giggles and silly banter with your siblings and friends. I’ve seen you hyper - plenty hyper - exuberant over a victory or giddy with lots of kids running around. But in general, you are a calming presence for us.

I love your love for God’s word, for your sincere faith that what the Bible says is TRUE. You don’t question moral absolutes, and you have a strong conviction for following rules. You are a strong leader without needing to be center of attention.

I love your linear brain. You think systematically, in precise order.
And yet you exhibit creativity with music, piano, creating, and drawing. But drawing, even so, is fun for you when it’s copied from a source, not so much when free-drawing. Too much freedom kind of freaks you out. 
I’ve loved our TEAM HUDSON this fall - cheering you on in football, soccer and baseball while the rest of us lay low.

Thank you for what your bring to our family, our home, our friends. I love being your mom, love being associated with you.

Esther wants to marry you when she grows up. Basden wants to marry someone just like you. And he may not fully realize it yet, but you are the best and most loyal friend Branson will ever have.
I love you with my whole heart, Hud. Happy, happy ten years to you!


A tribute to Cappy's childhood - building model airplanes


TCU parade with student council
Meeting baby Pate for the first time
Tarp surfing in the cul-de-sac

A new pasttime - drawing birds



I love you, Hud. I'm so grateful for ten years of getting to be your Mom!