Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Practicing Gratitude... 10.04.11

- Sunday nights, all just showing up

- #12 with an interception and a black jersey

- Moments with Mama

- Chris and Sarah, their commitment and sacrifice

- God's true word that doesn't change, doesn't waver, doesn't shift

- Thursday mornings in Lori's home

- How much he loves this, and how much we love watching

- A too-busy weekend

- Kellie's 35 years

- Her sense of style

- (Seriously) sweet friends at recess

- This grin - melts me because it comes from such a pure heart

- See You at the Pole... scads of dads, precious prayers from children, Bran's leadership and hugs

- Cleaning the house to find notes like these

Bran is officially taller than me - for the first time in the drawing of a family portrait, the young artist (Basden, in this case) drew him second after Corbin
- Three hours at Starbucks with her

- These pups continuing to keep me on my toes... can't believe I don't have a pic of them both in these cones of shame

- Weighed down for a reason
-  My 20-year highschool reunion... a mile deep with great moments

- That God's Word stands firm

- Following through with a tug

- Guac 101 with Papa


- This pretty special guest science teacher

- Continued progress... and ten men in my backyard who don't need me!

- Hide & Seek - surprise!

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles... 1 Chronicles 16:11-12


Alyssa said...

Such good here. Marveling at His goodness with you!

Sarah said...

So much going on at the Wilson house these days. Very full of life... thanks for the mention :)

Krista Sanders said...

Oh wow. Love the picture Basden drew. And Bran looks 6 feet tall in all the pictures but especially the pitching one. Hud-- Wooohoooo!! Sanders are BIG fans. Love all 5 of you!

Summer said...

Whew!! make me tired just watching all the fun!! Will cry when my boys are taller!