Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekend out West

I knew it would be a special weekend. I’d been looking forward to our time in a part of the country I’d never been, one that is important to me because of a few really great people who live there. But even so, our time in Montana and Idaho has been even sweeter than I expected.

Visiting with my little brother Chris and Crystal in their home, seeing where they live, getting to experience Bozeman in it’s glory (wowzers, the weather in early Sept is fabulous)... Corbin and I are so impressed with this town. It’s brazen scenery, quaint main street with quaint shops and local groceries, super yummy restaurants, neat people, neat churches, lots of hiking and biking, and even a Costco.

We got to meet our little twin nieces - oh my gosh. Naomi and Payton. They smile and coo when awake, and conveniently sleep through meals in their car seats in restaurants while the rest of us eat. And two-year-old Joy Taylor - such a sweetheart who loves her little sisters. It was awesome (and overdue) to spend time with Chris and his family.

Joy Taylor - she's as cute as her name
My take-aways from our time in Bozeman...

- Chris and Crystal bravely followed their dreams, moving west over a year and a half ago. Their roots were dug pretty deep into Atlanta soil with a stable job (owner of Xcentric, along with my brother Trey), an infant daughter, near-by family, and amazing friends. They knew it was now or never. And they did it. Kind of had to jump through a few hoops to figure out how to run a business from both sides of the country, and even more difficult, said good-bye to raising their children near both Chris and Crystal’s family. Even so, they are so, so happy in Bozeman. They simply “fit” in this mountain town. Inspires me to take risks.

- Before you add on to your home, remodel, or refurnish existing rooms, it’s a good idea to visit 210 E. Lincoln. Chris and Crystal’s home is cozy, inviting, welcoming, and simple. SIMPLE. Inspires me to live simply. Lovely. 

Sandwiched between our Montana time, we drove six hours south through Yellowstone (yowzers) to see the Gerrish family in FIler, Idaho for Paul and Allison’s wedding. Again, beautiful scenery, even more beautiful people, and an incredible wedding celebration. I could go family by family, describing the people we got to meet and hang out with. Boy - Corbin and I were blessed getting to spend time with those folks. I loved getting to see Paul’s hometown and his family in their territory.
Paul started out a few years ago as a baseball coach and mentor to our boys, and quickly moved into our family’s hearts (quickly - like in 2 minutes of meeting him). We met his brothers Luke & Vince and grabbed on to them, and eventually their parents and the rest of the family as well. They are amazing, amazing. Corbin and I are totally green this week, as the newlyweds are honeymooning in Grand Cayman, even on Rum Pointe, our own wedding destination.

My take-aways from the Idaho wedding -

- Watching Paul and his mom dance at the reception. Goodness. These years will fly. Can hardly think about that.

- Seeing the longevity of families who walked alongside the Gerrishes in raising their children together. What that kind of community does to build strong relationships.

- As much as I wished our kids could have been with us at this wedding, and with their Uncle Chris’ family as well, it was really refreshing to have these four or five days with just Corbin. Even driving through Yellowstone was kind of a spiritual experience, and having margin of time and energy to talk when we wanted, and be silent together too.

- “The weather.” (that was Corbin’s take-away)

The Gerrish boys


Who hoo!