Monday, September 19, 2011

Practicing Gratitude... 9.19.11

- $25 Lawn Care
- Sprouts
- Rain clouds
- First Cotillion (boy, does this bring back memories... his first surprise was that Bruce Lea was not Bruce Lee, and second that it's only once a month)

- Waiver (no school) days
- Large Sonic coke zero
- Anticipating 3:00
- TRIPLE plays. Proud of my Hud
- Esther's lack of inhibitions

- The friend who takes my child to a birthday party for me DURING a playdate with her own child... now that is a friend!
- Conversations with college roommates
- Continuing to learn approval of God trumps approval of men
- This learned from their biggest brother (kissing their muscles)

- Our Young Marrieds class (which seems to be morphing to a Young Families class)
- Clean puppies
- 2:00 Wed phone calls
- Introducing myself to adults who already know my children
- Catching all four together

- Time to do laundry
- That this one still likes bows

- The boys' bedroom cleaned-out and organized
- Living in a bustling, dusty house
- A foundation!

- Difficult friendships
- Difficult friendships for my children (harder to give thanks for)
- Really sweet friendships

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles... 1 Chronicles 16:11-12


tanya said...

A fun thing you may consider doing as a family is writing scripture, prayers, and blessings on the foundation. My in-laws wrote all over theirs, including prayers that the pipes never burst!

Krista Sanders said...

Beauty all around. Giving thanks with you.

Alyssa said...

Love that pic of Essie with that team of boys! Lots of grace gifts here!

nikki said...

ha- i was laughing out loud at number one!!! not only are you looking younger with age- but i think you are getting funnier too- watch out ellen- tj's gonna steal your 3pm slot!! love living life with you- and grateful for your sweet friendship!!