Thursday, July 7, 2011

Practicing Gratitude... 7.4.11

282. Summertime in the mountains
283. Sipping hot coffee on the porch during afternoon thunder showers
284. Choosing to sit outside in the sun because the shade is too cool
285. Wearing a fleece in July
286. Getting to meet finally meet sweet Pate - 3 mos

287. Angel Fire's annual 4th of July Pancake breakfast

288. A spontaneous visit from Luke, Julie, Bogan & Broderick to Eagle Mountain Lodge! (minor detour traveling from Las Vegas back home to Tulsa)

289. Annual BBQ lunch in Eagle Nest
290. Riding in parade, throwing candy (Bogan pegging innocent bystanders)


291. Adventurous nine-year-old boys

292. Sweet sisters

293. Bear hunts
294. Papa's read alouds