Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Practicing Gratitude... 7.12.11

300. Her smile... her spirit... and getting to have her in our home for a full week

301. Basden getting a part in a church musical - even as a weed dandelion (thank goodness!)

302. Reading Heaven is for Real aloud as a family

303. Not setting my alarm all week (thanks, Mama & Papa!)

304. Santa Fe Children's Museum

305. Father/son conversations on Lake Texoma

306. Braids and glitter tattoos

307. Strawberry Shortcake

308. A few (!) quiet moments for a good book

309. Pate in her ruffled swimsuit

310. A phone that won't call out or text half the time... reminds me to take a deep breath

311. Driving across west Texas with no AC... windows down, radio blaring so kids could hear movie above the roar

312. Our friend Jeff teaching from the pulpit

313. Taking the time