Friday, June 3, 2011

Graduation Day (5th grade, that is)

The house is still, at least for a few moments. The three big kids tumbled into the car this morning, headed to their last full day of school, with lighter backpacks and gift-wrapped packages for their teachers. Esther still sleeps upstairs, subconsciously thankful for a quiet house and no early morning routine. The rest of the day welcomes a whirlwind of sorts, with end of year parties and baseball practices and a friend staying for the weekend, the biggest event being Branson's fifth grade promotion in a couple of hours. Standing tall in his dress clothes in our kitchen this morning, wolfing down several pieces of cinnamon toast, he looked like a young man.  A handsome one at that (Cm'on, I'm his mom). Corbin just said this morning, "Can you believe he's through with elementary school?"
But it's a good transition.
And easier for me to see him leave Tanglewood, because he simply doesn't fit in the desks anymore.
Branson and his good friend yesterday - is this backdrop adorable or what?!
Yesterday at an awards reception, each fifth grader presented their parents with a book of stories they'd penned. Here's Bran's essay on how he views Corbin and me. It's humorous now, and sweet. And I imagine a few years from now it'll be even more so.
My Parents
The people I love most in the world are my parents. I love my parents because they provide for me and keep me safe (and the other half of it is that they give me candy.)
My dad is an even-tempered, intelligent person. He always likes to have fun with my three siblings and me. He likes to jump on the trampoline with me and bounce me where my body is in the trampoline but over the net.
My mom is always pushing me to my goals and to do better in school. She is always on her laptop doing... I really don't know! Maybe when she tells me and my little sister Esther (known as the loudest living creature on earth) to go to a different room, she may be watching YouTube, eating Starburst, and drinking Starbucks, instead of doing her Bible study! That's a good way to burn 30 minutes. All I know is she is very gracious and patient with us.
Both of my parents are very awesome and I am very grateful. Well, it's always like that, for both of my parents.

Happy 5th graduation, Branson. We love you with our whole hearts.


Summer Jones said...

Sweet buddy! Congrats on being a great cheerleader for him!

Krista Sanders said...

SUCH a big deal. I love what he wrote- and the quality of his writing! Well, he gets that honest. Way to go, Bran!!

Jessica said...

TJ, your secret is out. Youtube and Starbucks all day. Thanks Branson, for the information. I suspected as much.

The Mitchell Family said...

I love this! I CANNOT BELIEVE he is done with elementary school either! My goodness!

Kent and I both read the story, and we are still laughing at Bran's descriptions. Quite a use of vocabulary and imagination, loved it!

balmingilead said...

That is priceless. Reminds me of a certain convertible ride to San Antone with those cold starbucks bottled cappucinos, top down, windows up, and not a care in the world.
Your boy is a gem. As are you!
Amy A.

Sarah said...

Wow! He is quite the writer!

Kellie said...

TJ, this post makes me happy and weepy all at the same time. I feel your angst. Especially when I realized that elementary school is finished for me...I've got two middle schoolers did that happen? Jen was here this weekend and we talked about the Three Amigos Party and all the fun times we had when our kiddos were all so little, and how times are so different now (I read you Taz post too)...and yet its all just as sweet. Congrats to Bran on his 5th grade graduation! And to you and Corbin too!

The Dons said...

This cracks me up! I love the starbucks and starbursts! You will absolutely love this more and more.