Monday, February 21, 2011

Naomi and Payton

We've got two new babes! Well, not MY babies, but my brand-new darling nieces breathed their first breaths just a few days ago. My little brother Chris and his wife Crystal are now Daddy and Mommy to (nearly) two-year-old Joy Taylor and TWO NEW BABY GIRLS! We didn't know the sex of the twins, so what a fun surprise to welcome these beautiful girls into our family.
Naomi Evelyn James - 6:21pm, 18.5 inches, 4lbs, 15 ounces
Payton Amber James - born 6:31pm, 18.5 inches, 5lbs, 1 ounce

A few interesting tidbits...
- Naomi and Payton get to grow up in Bozeman, Montana. How fun is that? We're surrounded by hiking and snowboarding cousins!
- Crystal gave birth to these two naturally - her body worked and the twins cooperated - and she's got my full respect (natural birth or not)
- Naomi and Payton were born at nearly 5 lbs each, fully healthy.

Chris is still recovering from shoulder surgery, so they're juggling him still wearing a sling, caring for twenty-two month-old Joy Taylor, and these brand-new babes. Even so, Chris remains upbeat and is in awe of Naomi and Payton. He said that no matter how they lay them down, the girls end up snuggled together nose-to-nose.

Daboo was so excited she put a spray of pink balloons over her front door, along with an email announcing her granddaughters' birth to her neighbors. Among the congratulatory replies, one neighbor wrote back, "I see a bigger golf cart in your future."

Uncle Trey with five of the twelve cousins last fall
These babes have no idea how good they've got it with Chris and Crystal. What a fun, easy, loving home they're born into. Praising the Lord for His Good Gifts - needless to say, I'm a proud auntie (and proud sister!)
Chris, Crystal and big sis Joy Taylor
And for the record - here are our twins who like to stay nose-to-nose!