Thursday, October 21, 2010

Surprise 40th!

I'm so excited right now I can hardly stand it. Just giddy. I surprised Corbin with a 40th birthday trip, and he really, truly has no idea what he's in for. A long weekend at his parents' lodge with a few good men. 
Hudson and Corbin laughing at Steve's kidnapping antics

This morning our good friend Steve showed up at 7:15, video camera in hand. Corbin walked through our door at 7:30, home from a quick run, ready to take the kids to school. He saw Steve and grinned a funny grin, and then greeted his friend good morning, looking around for a candid camera. So while the kids giggled, backpacks ready and watching for their ride, Steve explained that he'd taken the day off, and that Corbin should too. And that he should go pack a bag with warm clothes, maybe even gloves and a hat - and no city shoes. Hud piped up and added, "Yeah, you need to take off work today AND tomorrow!" then looked up at me, a little scared he'd given too much away. But of course not - his daddy needed to pack for the whole weekend, and it added some intrigue.

I couldn't believe Corbin didn't have a clue, didn't know this was happening. We've been making plans since JUNE, but somehow have kept all the conversations and emails and texts and plane reservations under the radar, away from his attention. Amazing.

So as I write, Corbin is flying over Lubbock (I'm following their flight plan from my computer - so cool!), and I'm sure he's figured out he's going to see his parents, as they're headed for the Taos airport. But he doesn't know who's coming, and won't know until they trickle in today and tomorrow...

Who hoo!!!
I did it. 
Well, we did it.
Kim, Corbin's assistant at work, was the master-mind who took care of full work days today and tomorrow as Corbin was whisked out of town. Weeks ago Kim filled these two days with false appointments, and then continued to secretly reschedule the ones he added in.

Then all the others who have really made this weekend happen - my brothers flying in from Tulsa, Bozeman, and Atlanta, my dad from Fort Worth, and a few friends sacrificing Baylor Homecoming, TCU Homecoming, and championship little league games to celebrate Corbin's 40th. Charles and Jamie have planned a few neat things, and of course the highlight will be the yummy meals from Mama's kitchen (thanks, Cam & Corrina!) and then hopefully long talks into the night interrupted with bursts of laughter with mugs of coffee by the fire. Though there were a few who couldn't make it this weekend, my husband will be with his best friends and family, and I love that his parents and sister are a part of celebrating this milestone birthday. We'll celebrate as a family next week on his real birthday, but this is a dream for me - Corbin getting away with a few good men. 

I told Corbin this morning, without giving away where he was headed, that I've never been so excited about something I'm not even part of. And of course, not being there, I am certainly a part of it. My mind and heart are totally at Papa's Mountains this weekend, and someone better take pictures!

All packed and ready to go... somewhere??

My little brother Luke texted this pic from the plane out of Love Field - he asked if Jeff (pictured above, trying to stuff the enormous suitcase in the overhead storage) packed Corbin's clothes in his bag? Looks like they're off to a great start...