Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home Safe & Sound... and a Little Overwhelmed

We met them at Spinks airport as they flew in last Sunday, at least we tried to. We saw Steve's plane fly right over us on 1187, but somehow by the time the kids and I turned into the small airport, the guys were already in the car and headed to Sonic. So instead of greeting them on the runway, we welcomed Corbin home with a Route 44 Cherry Limeade (during Happy Hour, no less!)

Corbin arrived home a bit overwhelmed after his quick weekend, still a little shocked he'd been taken by surprise. His birthday weekend met all my expectations and more. I’m indebted to these guys who took time off work and bought plane tickets to travel across the country for celebrating Corbin’s 40th.

Corbin’s parents and sister, along with our Kiwi friend Corrina, worked their tails off to make it all happen - evidently the guys consumed a crazy amount of food. But again, I love that Papa and Mama and Cameron got to be right there and a part of things.

And best of all, just a few hours after he flew Corbin home, our friend Steve surprised me with a video of the weekend. He captured and edited hours of footage into 20 minutes of creative film - and watching it made me feel like I was right there with them all.

Landed in Taos - not quite sure what's in store

Surprised by Jeff and Luke, with Purdy waiting right inside

First morning in Angel Fire, headed for a hike

Magnificent hike up to Goose Lake

Another round of surprises...shouldn't Trey be in Atlanta?!

...and in walks Cappy

A little shocking when Corbin thought he was simply turning on the hot tub...  bummer for Chris and Chris that the water really wasn't very warm (!)

Thanks for all the yummy meals, Mama, Cam and Corrina!
Happy, happy 40th birthday to my fabulous husband.  Looking forward with anticipation to the next 40!