Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Summer Update

Happy summer, now that we're into July! Our school year pace was fairly relaxed, but we're enjoying this summer pace even more. Last week we traded the Texas heat for New Mexico breezes and are enjoying some time in the mountains. But before we turn yet another calendar page, here's a quick recap on our crew:

- We just finished up a month of summer baseball for both Bran and Hud. A privilege to get to play on these teams, and Mommy & Daboo wouldn't have wanted to spend our time anywhere other than the bleachers. Basden and Essie enjoyed the continual playdates that come with spending nearly every evening at the ballpark, and both boys learned quite a bit getting to play on competitive teams. Hud played a mean shortstop, and Bran fielded great at right field and pitcher. The games are a bit nostalgic for me, as I'm transported back a generation and catch myself looking for my little brothers, Chris and Luke, on the field instead of my two little boys.
- We're loving our time Eagle Nest, aka Papa's Mountains. As Bran says, the air just smells good here. In the few days since we've arrived the kids have entertained themselves fishing on Papa's pond, hunting with BB guns, taking golf lessons, and riding in Eagle Nest's annual 4th of July parade in the back of Uncle Alan's truck.
- I hit the jackpot at the Angel Fire community garage sale (benefits the library - how cool is that?!) with a couple of vintage pieces. My new $3 leopard coat makes me look almost as glamorous as Granny, and the tag even reads "Striplings, Fort Worth." It was meant to be. Striplings, a Fort Worth-based department store, finally closed its doors in recent years, but it was there that I picked out a rabbit coat in the 3rd grade, pleaded with my mom and dad, and they actually said YES to the splurge. My other garage sale prize is a white hand-crocheted, floor-length dress. We think it was originally worn as a wedding dress, but it'll be perfect for some neat occasion in Fort Worth.
- The girls are all headed out tomorrow to Santa Fe for a few days, and the boys (big and little) are fishing in Eagle Nest lake on Papa's rented pontoon boat. Little Essie is sleeping next to me right now, battling a tummy virus that is hopefully on it's way out - completely. Mama started praying two weeks ago for no sickness while we were all together, and so far we've had three down for the count. But hopefully this is the end and we're on our way to restored health for ALL. Happy 4th of July, friends!

Fishing for crawdads
The Princess is ready to fish

Love that we need blankets in July!
Bran taking Corbin & Hud for an afternoon ride