Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bran - Happy 10th!

Little did I know that the 4th of February would forever change my world.
It’s become to me like a national holiday, right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas and Independence Day - it’s a day when I want to slow down and celebrate and remember the significance of this very special date.
It all started a decade ago.
And now my sweet boy is TEN years old.
Double digits.
Seems like we just celebrated one-year-old (bald) Bran at our Bellaire house with a Valentine birthday party and a home full of family and a few dear friends.
And then a two-year-old, curly-headed Branson with royal blue “Blue’s Clues” cupcakes with Cappy and Daboo and Mama and Papa (at Daboo’s house - blue cupcakes!)... how on earth is this birthday number TEN?!

I love your love for life, for challenge and taking risks.
I admire your love for people, for engaging in conversation with kids and adults. You are quick to grin greet whoever comes your way, stranger or friend.
I admire your intellect and ease of learning new things, whether from books or in sports or relationships.
Well, Bran, you have changed my life. My life and my heart and many, many more.
I love you with my whole heart.

Paul - like a new brother - with his Idaho horse bites
Mrs. Ray's Field Day champs
Bogan is the coolest kid!
Goodness - the HOURS you all spend on this!
Wilson bros with Samuel, Nico & Harrison

Your masterpiece - from Daboo's garden



An AWESOME ski trip with Ashton & the Breedings
10th birthday party at the Rodeo Midway - Brrr!
Snow day - we were first to the park that morning
With Campbell (and Schaefers) at RMD
My Cereal Monster