Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Recapping a Very Merry Month

Thankful that it's been a pleasant, precious month. It's a Christmas season that will be remembered for great health, sweet family and friends, and a cup that runneth over. I'm grateful. In light of the pain and difficulties and fatigue affecting loved ones, I'm reminded of this "respite" season is a gift.
A quick recap of our month...

We returned from Disney and hit school pretty hard. Our November was VERY fun and full of family and travel. But it certainly made Christmas a little more daunting with the pressure of school lessons in the midst of holiday preparations. If we ever do school at home again, I might plan for a "strong" November and January so that December can be relaxed. But even so, I wouldn't have changed a thing. One of the goals of our year is to enjoy family and grandparents and cousins... and THAT is being accomplished.

Celebrating Mama's birthday in Fort Worth - Corbin's plans for Jamie's special evening included Riverdance at Bass Hall (ah-mazing!) and Tillman's Road House (yum!).

Iceskating at the Galleria with the Breedings - something we've never done before, but a very fun Christmas tradition. Especially with all of Dallas ISD still in school. ;)

Basden getting her ears pierced - by Mommy! The full story here on Krista's blog - funny funny! Best part - Basden's (uninfected!) ears look great, and Corbin's sister, Cameron, very impressed with me. Ha!

Basden and Esther's Christmas concert - so sweet, and got to celebrate Cappy's birthday with dinner after. My favorite - Esther's class singing "Feliz Navidad," and Basden performing Psalm 98:4 in sign language: "Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise." She practiced all month and LOVED learning some sign language.

Finishing up Hudson's flag football season. His smile here is evidence of making a great catch and running for a touchdown in the last game of the season. Go, Hud!

A very fun, very spontaneous Christmas dinner with dear friends, the Andersons and Sanders. We decided at about 4:30 the day of to get our families together and enjoy dinner, the Wii, and fireside conversations. Added a special dynamic for our family to share an unstructured, un-rushed evening with sweet friends.

Again, thankful for a precious month of great memories.
Merry Christmas to all!