Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our New Adventure

That's how I feel about this year and teaching our kids at home - "a new adventure." A one-day-at-a-time, stay-in-the-moment kind of adventure.
The past couple of weeks have felt both natural and alien, easy and difficult, and comfortable and exhausting. The good news is that we're on week three and we're all surviving. Even with my roller-coaster summer, riding through all the shifting emotions that accompany a major change, at the end of the day (even a difficult day!) I'm glad to be doing this. I'm thankful for the time with Bran & Hud - learning them better, and learning what they really know. And then it surprises me that I'm surprised.

Tomorrow Daboo takes the wheel for a couple of days as I head to Round Top with my sweet friend Cathy. So excited - I've never been, and my rain boots are ready by the door for what I anticipate to be a rather muddy scavenger hunt down Texas highway 237.

I'm leaving the boys in great hands - an entire post could be dedicated to Mom's creativity and helpful assistance with teaching and simply ordering our days. I'm watching a master teacher - wholly invested in her students - laugh and engage in learning around the table in our sunroom with two endearing pupils.

A huge thanks to Daboo as I'm off to my own antique-filled history field trip. And hopefully next month won't be too difficult a lesson in finance when it comes time to pay the bills...