Monday, June 1, 2009

Finishing out the school year

Well, I'm not sure what it is, but lately - I can't write!
So, maybe posting something simple will break up that writer's block... so here goes.
A few high points from the Wilson home...

We said good-bye to our dear friends, Carlos and Kelly Gonzalez, as their moving van headed south on I-35 for Austin yesterday. (Kelly pictured below far left, expecting little #3, and Carlos at center in white tee) We will miss them dearly. I'm still in denial, expecting to see little Sofia and Lila at ballet each week and Kelly at our monthly girls dinners. We knew Carlos and Kelly from Baylor, but became heart friends as we worked side by side with college students at Christ Chapel. Fort Worth is truly missing a spark today. (Happy birthday, Kel!)

Basden finished up the year with her ballet recital and pre-school graduation... both a little tear-evoking for me. My little girl is growing up.

The boys just completed spring ball. My favorite thing about watching Hudson play is his tenacity - he spent his season as a first-baseman racing around the entire diamond in hopes of catching a ball, or covering someone else catching a ball, long brown hair sticking out from under his ballcap. He loves the game and didn't want to see his season end. The other fun thing about watching Hud play baseball - he wears a huge grin the entire game!

Branson's team got to play at the Youth Field at the Ballpark in Arlington yesteday, and while they didn't win, it was a privilege to compete on that field. Thanks, Krista, for the amazing pics!

And little Essie hanging in there with all the games, field days, swim lessons, etc. What a trooper!

Thanks for checking in... hope to be back sooner than later!