Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Basden's Ballet Recital

I've never been a fan of carnations. I don't have any great reason for that, because they're pretty flowers, usually the least expensive in the store, and they last forever. At our wedding nearly thirteen years ago, I gave our florist vague instructions, with one boundary: no carnations. (Incidentally, the cake topper was bathed in carnations... out of my control... as none of my flowers showed up! I was grateful for the last-minute, readily arranged orange and yellow blooms... they looked fine and no one cared.)
But for whatever reasons, I have harbored some kind of disdain for carnations all these years.
Basden doesn't share that sentiment. And actually, my own appreciation of the blooms has skyrocketed.
One, because the specifically-picked-by-Hudson flowers brought such cheer to Basden last night. The minute she emerged from the shiny, glittery room of miniature ballerinas, Hudson presented her with his aromatic gift. Sure, the flowers were technically from all three siblings, but somehow or another by the time we made it outside of the building Basden knew that Hud had carefully selected them for her. White, not pink. He insisted.
Basden clung to them all evening and preferred that bunch to Mom & Dad's dozen coral roses, Mama & Papa's magenta striped tulips and Cappy & Daboo's generous bunch of white and yellow blooms.
Husdon insisted on the thick, wavy white carnations, and Basden was taken with her big brother's painstaking choice.

So other than a new-found appreciation for carnations and the joy they illicit, I loved watching my kids generosity and excitement for each other.
Half an hour later as we devoured Dutch's burgers and onion rings, Branson quietly told his sister, "Basden, you danced really well tonight."
Never mind that the two of them sat together at the opposite end of the table, competing with the Ranger Game on the flat-screen and a bustling, Frogs-filled dining room...
From the opposite end of the table, not missing a beat, Corbin said, "Bran, I love you."
It does something for these parents to see their kids love each other. The simple measure of extending a kind word.

Of the entire evening, these are my highlights:
- Basden danced beautifully. And the rest of us - Corbin, Bran, Hud, Essie, Cappy and Daboo - did great sitting through two hours of dances.
- The kids depleted my snack stash before the announcements even finished.
- In between the first couple of dances, Esther let out a shout, "Hey! Turn the lights back on!"
- Then, after about the third dance, Esther waited for the applause to subside and declared, "Time to go home!" Needless to say, our row was cackling, not helping the quiet factor.
- Leaving the recital and breaking up into three cars, Basden loudly exclaimed that she wanted to ride with Hud. Something about those white carnations.

A sweet evening and a sweet memory ingrained in this Mommy's mind. Love you, my darling dancer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swine Break '09

I've gotten a few calls and e-mails from my friends from afar asking how we're faring with the swine flu here in Fort Worth. With our school closed for more than a week, we were quite grateful to see that the potential epidemic wasn't as far-reaching as it might have been. While I regret that it affected many families in and around our town, we thoroughly enjoyed the week off. It was a little gift of summer - without the heat!

We headed to the park that first day off with some friends. Incidentally, ABC's World News Tonight cameras showed up and included us in that evening's segment as the moms doing exactly what we weren't supposed to be doing - ignoring the school's effort to keep kids separated. Oops.

The kids and I went to my parents' for a few days, and it was a great way to break up the week. Corbin was out of town with work, so we played in the creek, and the boys built make-believe houses in the attic while the girls dove into Daboo's dress up trunk.

While at Bourland (Mom & Dad's neighborhood), we enjoyed an evening with our friends the Schaefers. Sam & Campbell were generous to bring a cake & make our vacation official:

And while the schools shut down, baseball didn't. Thanks to my friend Teri Queen for these amazing pics!

Finally, a few photos from Mother's day - lunch here at the house before heading out to University Little League - what better way to spend Mother's Day? Acutally, there's not much I enjoy more than sitting in the stands watching my boys!

Look at this ah-mazing mom!! Happy Mother's Day to you, Daboo, you really are amazing and beautiful and easy to be with. Besides that, I don't know how I'd manage our kiddos (& life) without you!