Friday, February 13, 2009

In a Pit with Lion on a Snowy Day

Have you read this?
If so, would love to hear your thoughts.
Of all the books I read in '08, this stands out most.
Don't know if it's the absolute best literature I read, but I'm putting it down as most memorable. And most invigorating.
I really, really like Mark Batterson's writing and viewpoint. I think he's interesting and insightful and courageous and just plain smart.
So if you - or anyone you know - need a jump start to get out there and JUST DO IT, this book's for you.
Batterson has a new book out as well, Wild Goose Chase. My favorite thing about that book is that it's dedicated to Dick Foth. If you were at Mt. Hermon in 2007, you'd appreciate Batterson all the more for hanging onto such a fantastic mentor and friend.
Ok, enjoy - and hang in there with chasing that lion!