Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Georgia Thanksgiving

How many Jameses does it take to change a liglhtbulb? No idea. But I do know that it takes about 12 to get a gallon of milk from WalMart in rural north Georgia.

I always say being with my brothers is like a holiday, and so this past week was double the fun - a week with my brothers and their families AND celebrating one of my favorite holidays of the year. We're becoming quite a crowd. In addition to our four kiddos, we’ve got three little cousins and one on the way... Bogan from Tulsa and then Marshall and Ashlyn from Alpharetta, and the newest little one from Georgia due in April.

A few highlights...
- Meeting SWEET Ashlyn for the first time - "baby Ash-a-lyn" as Basden says
- Rock City - it really is amazing! (and the Starbucks across from the entrance doesn't hurt)
- Crystal's burgers & onion rings, Corbin's homemade chex mix, Julie's breakfast casseroles and baked cinnamon apples, Daboo's taco bar, cowboy rolls, cream cheese mashed potatoes, and Amy's AH-mazing home-home-made pumpkin pies (she makes it look so easy...ha!)
- SkipBo - the interaction between Mom and Amy is way more fun than the game itself
- Chris the Barista - nothing beats a yummy latte in a cozy cabin with the rain beating on the roof
- Kung Fu Panda and Daboo's new popcorn machine
- Essie chasing Marshall around the couch with a pink Barbie hairdryer
- Cappy's hike with Bogan, Bran, Hud, Basden and Essie - who we found out is not comfortable in two feet of leaves
- Monsters in the dark during the hayride - the kind of monsters who bear gifts of glow-in-the-dark bracelets after attempting to scare the tuna salad out of everyone
- Bogan's watchful eye and sideways glances... doesn't miss a thing
- Marshall's continual grin
- the five pounds Corbin and I BOTH gained...

What a handsome crew!
Chris & Crystal... and baby James due in April
Trey & the women... we're just missing HIS woman!!
Bogan flanked by Essie & Basden - he politely puts up with Essie's antics.
Aunt Julie, Ashlyn & Essie
Julie and Luke make everything more fun
Trey and DARLING Marshall
Those big boys are getting bigger all the time

Look who's responsible for all this!
Thanks, Mom & Dad for the cabin, and to everyone for the memories. Already looking forward to the next time!