Sunday, December 7, 2008


Not me, but Hudson.
That's right.
In this month's (Dec) Highlights magazine, Hudson's drawing is published in Our Own Pages.
How cool is that?!
He's excited, but smug. Has hardly said a word. Even with the magazine prominently displayed in our foyer, even with a school friend calling and asking for his autograph, even with a subscription base of two million...
even with a PROUD mommy & daddy...

Check out this press release. Way to go Hud!
Fort Worth Child Published in National Magazine
1st Grader Hudson Wilson to appear in Highlights magazine

November 24, 2008 (Columbus, OH) – The December 2008 issue of Highlights for Children has published a drawing titled “The Prince” in its “Your Own Pages” section by 6-year old Hudson Wilson of Fort Worth, a 1st grade student at Tanglewood Elementary. Hudson, the child of Corbin and T.J. Wilson, enjoys baseball, drawing, cooking, art projects, board games, animals, football and reading. He hopes to be an artist and veterinarian when he grows up.

Each year, Highlights readers send the magazine more than thirty-five thousand submissions. The magazine selects work by boys and girls of all ages and from many different places in the world. By showcasing a representative sample of all the work, Highlights hopes to foster children’s creativity.

So next time you're flipping through Highlights in your physician's or dentist's office, be sure to look for our little artist!

**A huge thanks for Aunt Kay for our annual Highlights subscription - and to my blogging friends for letting me indulge in a little parental pride**